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cetaphil. my  previous dermatologists recommended that since i have very sensitive skin. dati sa face ko lang ginagamit, after a week, naging sobrang smooth ng face ko. akala nila nagpapa-facial ako. now, i also use it for my body. i am planning to buy the sunblock kaya lang may kamahalan eh. hehe.

Preschooler Age / Re: Which schools do not accept illegitimate kids?
« on: August 09, 2010, 02:32:35 pm »
unfortunately, my alma mater (elementary and highschool) still does not accept children born out of wedlock.

i sort of felt bad because i was planning to send my toddler to this school since they provide quality education at an affordable price, considering it's private parochial school.

i remember my cousins were able to study in our school but their parents had to submit fake marriage contract from recto.

The Balancing Act: Career and Family / Re: schooling mom/s ??
« on: June 09, 2010, 11:09:34 am »
Count me in.

It was my first day in class yesterday. It's not really a course like a masteral, but I'm taking the program as a pre-requisite so I could enrol in an M.A. in Education. I donj't have Educ units kasi in my undergrad course.

I just hope I'd be able to fight the "guilty feeling" and the "lungkot factor" that being away longer from my little boy entails. when I got home last night (past 9pm, a little before 10pm), he was very eager to see me and he kept on shouting "Mommy!!!" I keep on thinking that what I'm doing will also be beneficial to him in the long run, just to brush off the heartbreaking moment.

my 2y/o son's comfort object varies everynight. sometimes it's just his elmo or barney stuffed toy, or night fury (dragon) action figure, or lightning mcqueen and mater megablocks. sometimes he wants everything with him, to the point that no space is left for me anymore.  ;D he also uses his dad's i-pod to fall asleep...dun sya nanonood ng favorite niya, cars movie. after non tulog na sya. :) 


Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: All About Hernia/Luslos
« on: May 25, 2010, 04:36:19 pm »
My baby was diagnosed with inguinal hernia, same with mommy yummycherry.. same pedia surgeon kami.. c dra almonte.. we find out that he has hernia kc super iyak niya nakakaawa.. so punta agad kami ng pedia niya.. den un nga.. me mga konti support n puwede gwin pero the best talaga is surgery.. kc pag nging strangulated na un hernia niya, mas malala and mas magastos so un.. ngpcheck up n kami with dra almonte (as referred by sis cherry), sched n agad for operation.. bgo cia bnyag and xmas dapat tapos na un.. so kahit super kabado mas ok yung dapat yung health niya, kc iaasure naman n dra na safe un, even premature babies daw nooperahn ng gnyan eh..
on his 2nd month, super iyak n talaga we rushd him sa PGH, we have relative kc dun so admit na agad kami.. and mas nktpid kami dun..  you have options naman wer kayo magpaoperate dami naman cia hsptals eh..
suggest ko lang, pacheck up mo na agad sis yan kc super kawawa c baby.. update mo kami ha!
off-topic: dra. almonte is also the pediatric surgeon of our baby. he also had hernia pero malala yung case niya kasi strangulated na nga, tsaka intestines niya ang affected at hindi yung sa putotoy. my son was only 3 days old when he underwent his first major operation in manila doctors hospital. 2nd operation niya was during his 5th month.

to sis cindy15, pa-check mo na agad si baby. kawawa naman sya pag di naagapan.

Pagkapanganak pa lang ng son namin noon, meron na siay skin eczema, then later on diaper rash.  VANDOL ointment lang ang umobra.  Ewan ko lang kung meron pa nun ngayon.  Our son was a baby in the 1980's
I agree. OK ang Vandol Ointment, kahit sa baby ko na special case (acidic ang poo-poo niya given his unique condition). Madalas sya magkaroon ng skin irritation and we've tried Desitin, Drapolene, pero the best (para sa amin ha) is Vandol. Ok rin yung Calmoseptine, but my son cried everytime we use it. Naiirita yata dun sa menthol feeling.  ;D

^Mommy France: We really need to believe in ourselves-- that we can do things with or without support. Kailangan strong tayo kasi mommy tayo--society dictates we should run the house. Kaya mo 'yan, sis.

I've come to appreciate my mother all the more in times like these. She used to tell us "Hindi pwedeng wala kang alam kasi babae ka. Karamihan sa gawaing-bahay ikaw ang inaasahang gumawa." Swerte daw kung makapag-asawa ka ng masipag, or somebody who's willing to "wear a skirt" on your behalf. I didn't know how to cook then, but now, even my mom agrees with my sister that I cook better than she does DAW.  :) I learned on my own, I tried recipes in magazines and cook books...Continuous process naman yun, sis. Sigurado ako makakahanap ka rin ng angkop na paraan para maging "organized" ang mornings mo.

One mantra that I can share: Grace under pressure; Courage under tension. Yan, pag feeling mo out-of-control ka na, just think about it. As the Nike slogan goes, "just do it." :)

sis, yung mga officemates ko na curly or esponghado yung buhok, sa office na sila nagpaplantsa ng hair. taga-cainta kasi sila eh makati yung workplace namin. malaking tulong talaga sis kung yung yaya eh marunong din magprepare ng pagkain. sa umaga nagagawa ko yung routine ko kasi tulog pa rin talaga si baby until i'm ready to leave. sakto yung gising niya sa paglabas ko ng bahay. malimit nga lang ako ma-late kasi ang haba ng goodbye namin. maraming hugs and kisses pa. hehe.

Ma-try nga sa ofis na lang mag-ayos ng hair.. :)
Mommy France, try mo. Hehe. If you are likewise a commuter (as in jeep ang sinasakyan mo, katulad ko), PARANG (kasi it may not be applicable or "agreeable" to some) mas okay sa office mag-ayos kasi since magugulo ang buhok mo sa biyahe, aayusin mo na naman pagdating mo sa office. Case-to-case basis.  ;D

I just thought I oughta share this with you--- this morning was the very first morning in my 2 years of motherhood that I practically did "everything" we do on a weekday. We've been yaya-less for a month and a day now, and it's quite difficult but as I've told my mom, if only my son was older, I would prefer it this way, regardless of the pagod at puyat.

I woke up earlier than the usual, 5:45am. I started doing things that can be accomplished with appliances with timers, i.e. like cooking rice, sterilizing baby bottles, heating water. Habang hinihintay ko matapos lahat, I heated food for my baon, cooked breakfast for my hubby and son (hubby is on leave for a week). Then I took a bath, got dressed, packed my baon, then off to work. I arrived in the office 18 minutes before 8am. :)

At least you have a yaya to assist you. Mahirap pag walang assistance talaga. I should say it's not enough that you know how to do all sorts of household chores. We only have one body, and despite our multi-tasking skills, sometimes hindi pa rin talaga kaya ma-execute lahat ng tasks, even with the help of technology. Aside from time management, develop a systematic way of doing things also. Pag nakasanayan mo na, mas mabilis mo nang magagawa ang isang task. :)

Swerte mo sis, straight buhok mo. Ako nagmumukhang bruha.. pag di inayos.
Sa office na ako nagme-make up pero minsan nakakalimutan ko na rin.
sis, yung mga officemates ko na curly or esponghado yung buhok, sa office na sila nagpaplantsa ng hair. taga-cainta kasi sila eh makati yung workplace namin. malaking tulong talaga sis kung yung yaya eh marunong din magprepare ng pagkain. sa umaga nagagawa ko yung routine ko kasi tulog pa rin talaga si baby until i'm ready to leave. sakto yung gising niya sa paglabas ko ng bahay. malimit nga lang ako ma-late kasi ang haba ng goodbye namin. maraming hugs and kisses pa. hehe.

Mommy France, ako nga suklay lang. Hehe. Wala nang blower-blower. Swerte na lang kasi straight hair talaga ako, lagyan ko lang ng headband or clip ready to go na. Sa office na ako nagme-make-up. Anyway, mauusukan rin naman ako on my way to work since commuter ako. Pag may service kami, sa sasakyan na ako nagpapaganda. ;D

hi, mommy france.

medyo magulo rin morning routines ko pero i must say accessibility of our home to our workplace helps a lot in managing my time. time allotment ko sa umaga approximately an hour. ;D medyo parehas kami ng ginagawa ni sis keih.

i'm not sure if my morning routine would change with the new yaya we are expecting, pero since i resumed working after maternity leave eto agreement namin sa bahay:

the yaya should wake up earlier than we do (I wake up at 6:15-6:30am--huling tawad 6:45am ;D). she must sweep and mop the floor every morning para di marumi yung playplace ni baby. she must also prepare our baon (since hindi kami nagbebreakfast sa bahay). yung ulam walang problema kasi i cook at night. ako naman kasi talaga ang cook sa bahay, kaya when i get home from work, minsan 2 ulam na ang niluluto ko. isa for dinner namin that night, yung isa for baon tomorrow. sometimes i prepare sandwich spreads (i.e. tuna, egg) then  para ilalagay na lang sa tinapay the next morning. Pag gising ko ng 6:45am (kunwari), i take a bath after magising mga mga ugat at dugo sa katawan ko (hehe). get dressed, put my baon in my insulated lunch box (yes, para akong bata). then add some fruits for merienda, like apples, banana, or crackers...mga pantawid gutom sa office.  ;D

si hubby naman late ang pasok. my work starts at 8am, so i have to leave home by 7:20-7:30am. hubby's work starts at 9am, so he's the one who bathes our baby. pag alis niya iwan sa yaya na ang little boy namin. :(

same with keih, i also ask the yaya to thaw frozen meat before i arrive from work. yun lang. usapan din namin ng yaya na mauna sya lagi matulog since kailangan sya ang unang nagigising. whatever chores she leaves, like the dishes, cleaning the baby bottles, etc.

mas ok yata sis kung una ka munang maliligo kasi baka naman pasma ang abutin mo kung magluluto ka muna bago maligo. yan eh depende kung naniniwala ka sa pasma.  ;D pinakahuli mong gagawin bale ay magbihis ng office attire.

mommy jd, i don't think you should do anything to "modify" the shape of your child's head. malambot pa ang fontanelles niya sis, kailangan nga maingat ka sa paghahandle sa kanya. sabi ng neonatologist ng baby ko, mas ok kung patulugin ng nakatagilid, pero not at all times facing the same side ha. interchangeably dapat. don't use pillows, too, tama si mommy giay, a lampin will do.

yung baby ko conehead talaga kasi hindi sya nag-"crown." induced labor kasi ako, normal delivery dapat pero na-CS kasi di kasya sa sipit-sipitan na tinatawag nila. wala naman akong ginawang kakaiba, bukod sa naka-side siya kung patulugin, at hinihimas ko lang yung bumbunan niya kung saan may umbok. don't put pressure sis, as in himas lang parang sinasabi mo na "good girl" si baby mo.   

bothered din ako noon sa head ng baby ko, sabi ng pedia kusa naman daw nagfoform yun, walang dapat ikabahala. true enough, people are now complimenting the nice skull shape of my former conehead baby. :)

I may be replying late but will post my experience, just the same.

I stopped breastfeeding my son last February. Todate, we are on our 3rd week of weaning. My son is already 23 months, and he has this habit of biting me after he's done with breastfeeding. Syempre napapasigaw ako sa sakit-- you can just imagine how painful it is since his dentures are almost complete. But I noticed that everytime I scream "OUCH!" all the more that he bites me, then he'd laugh aloud. Ginawa ko, pag nangangagat sya, aalisin ko na sya sa kin, I'd tell him that I'll not breastfeed anymore if he continues to bite me. Ganon pa rin, mangangagat pa rin. Kaya ginawa ko kahit umiyak pa sya dahil gusto niya magbreastfeed, hindi ko na pinagbibigyan. I offer a milk bottle instead. Nasanay na sya ng ganon for a week kaya ayun, wala naman traumatic experience na nakakain sya ng maasim or maanghang from my breasts kaya nagstop kami. I also read in a magazine that it's not advisable to make the weaning off process traumatic to your babies by putting chili, vinegar, or other stuff that your baby wouldn't like. Baka maging cause pa raw ng allergic reaction yan and yun nga, maging bad experience pa sa kanila. We have to wean off properly, and amicably. :)

Sometimes, my baby tells me "Mommy, dede!" then he will immediately say "Bite!" Somehow I know he got the point why we weaned from the breast to bottle. ;)

Toilet Training and Diapering Essentials / Re: Cost of diapers
« on: March 10, 2010, 11:37:20 am »
Baby's age: 23 months, 1 week and 1 day
Diaper Brand: Prokids
Size: XL
Price per pack of 36s: P419.00
Frequency of diaper change: 6 times a day
Monthly expense for diapers: P2,095.00

Partida pa yan kasi hindi naman laging nakadiapers ang baby ko. May time na ayaw niya muna magsuot ng diapers especially after taking a bath or when he's playing.  ;)

For me, YES.

My son is very unique than most kids kaya ang unang method of washing off his poop is to wipe it with gauze pad and rinse with water na pinagkuluan ng guava leaves. Pag wiwi naman, cotton balls na binasa ng luke warm water.

We started using wipes when he was 5 months old na, after his operation na. Una kong gamit Pigeon wipes pero mas nahiyang sya sa Prokids wipes kaya yun ang gamit namin eversince. Sa bahay, every nappy change niya we wash him with tap water and his bath soap. But when we are out, we just rely on the wipes. Kasi ang likot niya, mahirap hugasan sa sink ng restroom. Talagang pati kami mababasa. IThe first time I tried to wash him sa sink, ayun, basa ako, pinatuyo ko ang damit ko sa hand dryer! ;D

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