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Baby Development and Milestones / Re: what age nagsalita baby nyo?
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:58:30 pm »
i've read somewhere na too much exposure to tv for very young children can cause speech delays but i'm not sure if it's true or not. siguro kelangan lang kausapin lagi si baby para mag respond din sya. when my baby was younger, we talked to her all the time. my mom, who takes care of her, exposed her to books and storytelling as soon as she was able to see. ngayon ang daldal na niya, maingay na minsan. but i think it doesn't matter if they learn to talk late or early. somehow they all catch up with each other by the time they're of school age.

Real Parenting / Re: HI 5, Barney TV Show for 3yr old..
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:44:36 pm »
when chloe was about a year to 2 years old, fave niya barney. as in halos 5 times in a day kung ulitin ang isang dvd. but somehow she 'outgrew' the show kasi ngayon ayaw na talaga nyang manood. when she got older and up to now (she's almost 4) she loves hi5. IMO barney 'caters' to smaller kids while hi5 is for toddlers/older ones. both are great for kids. educational and interactive and both have nice catchy songs for kids to sing along with.

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: DIY backdrop
« on: June 04, 2013, 12:15:35 am »

any ideas for a Mickey mouse theme? patingin naman po if may nakagawa na. thanks in advance!  :)

mommy leah

Hobbies and Special Interests / Re: tablet pc for kids..
« on: June 03, 2013, 10:43:30 pm »
my 3yo loves subway surfers and marble saga, as well as educational stuff like istorybooks and kids learn to read. i find it very helpful coz at her age, and despite not attending preschool yet, she knows phonics and spelling of some 3-letter words like cat, ant, etc. the downside is I don't get to use my tab that often coz sya nalang laging gumagamit. hehe. any feedback on cherry mobile tabs? I plan to buy one for her para ma solo ko na ang tab ko.  ;D

subscribing and back reading... dami ko na yatang namiss ah... :)

Single Moms / Re: Which surname to use?
« on: April 26, 2013, 07:06:44 am »
naku mga  sis here's some practical advice Lang. if di naman well-to-do ang guy na pwede magpamana ng limpak limpak na pera, lalo na if wala naman stable job, wag mo nalang ipa acknowledge. in my line of work I meet cases like these everyday, and almost always the father refuses to give support. so Kung kaya mo naman buhayin ang anak mo at di naman ganun kayaman ang guy, might as well not force him to acknowledge the baby.  in case later on in life, you meet another guy who's willing to accept your baby, then it will be easier for you to adopt your kid after you get married. you won't need biological father's consent.

on the flipside, if biological daddy expresses eagerness to acknowledge, then go. your child also has the right to be acknowledged and to all the privileges and rights of an acknowledged child, although illegitimate. if biological father dies and leaves a hefty estate, may habol anak mo sa mana. hehe.

i have the same problem sis danna, my daughter is 2yrs 9 mos, nagpipigil din mag weewee at poop if di sya naka diapers. kaya pag di na talaga niya kayang pigilan, iiyak na at magpapa suot na ng diaper. then weewee or poopoo pag naka diaper na. she has her potty, ayaw talaga gamitin. don't know how to solve this problem. i hope she learns soon. gastos din kasi ang diapers  :(


sis hailee san mo tinusok ang styro for the name ni baby? and how thick is the styro? 1/4" ba? balloon stick yata gamit mo na pantusok? thanks..

hi sis, madami kang pwede ma DIY.

layout for tarp
table centerpieces
balloon decor - pillars, centerpiece, balloon burst, etc
other party decorations like standees, banderitas, etc
cupcake stand and cupcake toppers (if you like cupcakes instead of a big cake)
yes, candy buffet or dessert buffet.

just search for the threads here in SP. madami din videos sa youtube.

hope this helps.

Labor and Child Birth / Re: About epidural..
« on: March 11, 2012, 12:50:27 am »
hi sis, i had epidural when i gave birth thru cs. yes masakit pag inject. you are made to curl like a shrimp then sa spine sya i-inject. but worth it naman coz you wont feel anything na after that. God bless!

Pregnancy Health and Nutrition / Re: what to eat, when you can't eat
« on: February 26, 2012, 01:56:00 am »
nakarelate naman ako sa candy, kasi nung first tri ko, candy na polo ang breakfast ko. tuwing lunch lang ako kumakain ng kanin, pero dapat may pinya ako for dessert. for dinner, grapes and anmum lang.  minsan may sky flakes pag talagang gutom ako. ok lang yan sis, as long as you take vitamins and milk also.

Big Kids / Re: Favorite Cartoon ng kids
« on: February 24, 2012, 11:19:47 pm »
si chloe naman, batang nick jr. when she was months old, fave niya wonderpets, ben and holly and backyardigans. then when she was about 1, she loved dora, kai lan and umizoomi. now that she's 2 yrs old, spongebob and hi 5 na. and of course, barney and friends on dvd. she has 3 dvds na fave niya, sobrang gasgas na kasi halos 5 times sa isang araw kung ulitin. hehe.

Travel / Re: airplane ride / flying with children / infant
« on: February 24, 2012, 11:14:32 pm »
chloe was 11 months during her first plane ride. we brought some toys, food, water and basic meds as hand carry, things that would keep her busy. buti na lang at na enjoy naman niya. she even tried to go down and crawl sa aisle hehe. last month (her 5th time on a plane, at 26 mos), she really enjoyed it. we let her take the window seat, and most of the time she was looking outside, pointing and calling out things that she saw.  nahiya nga kami kasi ang ingay ingay niya hahaha. how old ba si baby mo? let's pray for a smooth trip para enjoy si baby :)

sis ganyan din nangyari kay chloe when she was 5 mos. either nagsawa na sya sa lasa ng milk niya or teething or both. try changing your baby's formula (but inform your pedia first).

subscribing... sana may provincial seminars din hehe.. i'm from cebu kasi... or else, sana may sked for april or may para at least mapaghandaan namin.. i'm sure madami din na taga ibang lugar ang interested... thanks..

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