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Real Parenting / Re: what book can I read to my 4 month old baby?
« on: July 23, 2011, 02:57:32 pm »
@nicole: wow daming books ni baby! nice collection you have there.

chloe was about 2 mos old when i started reading books to her. 2 lang ata board books niya noon. if u dont have books (or cant find one), you can use her toys or pillows with cartoon character covers and make up stories. yun ang ginagawa ng lola niya (retired grade school teacher kasi kaya mahilig sa storytelling). now she's 20 mos old and likes picture books a lot.

hi sis, i read somewhere na iwas muna sa citrus fruits pag below 8 mos. pero ibang fruits like bananas and apples, pwede na sa age niya. yung tundan sis. nakaka constipate nga lang so give lots of water also. when my baby started eating solids, di sya nag cerelac or gerber. she ate lugaw or oatmeal and mashed vegetables -- potatoes, squash, sayote, camote, carrots, broccoli. sometimes fish. pero minsan pag walang time mag prepare, earth's best ang pinapakain namin sa kanya. when she learned to chew, soft rice na, with fish, chicken, beef, beans and other vegetables. ngayon same na kami ng ulam (she's turning 13 mos). 

masama, coz of the caffeine and sugar, two things that pregnant women should avoid. i'm a coke addict and when i was pregnant talagang di ako uminom till the 7th month (kasi di ko na talaga kayang i-resist. lolz) kaya hayun, baby gained a lot of weight while inside my tummy, so na cs ako. hehe.

sis in my opinion po, your life is just as important, if not more important, than the bonding moments you have with your baby. if your doctor says that breastfeeding would cause a threat to your health, then maybe you should follow her. kasi mahirap naman po if it's your life that's at stake. anyway, pwede pa rin naman kayo mag bond in other ways (although, i admit, iba ang bonding ng breastfeeding, coz i am also doing the same and i want to do it until she's 2 or 3). opinion ko lang sis. thanks.

baby sleeps at 8-9 pm, wakes up at 5-6 am. during the day, she naps for about 2-4 hours total,depende sa mood niya. mommy ko kasi ang nag-aalaga, so medyo matyaga sa pagpapatulog kay baby during daytime para daw tumangkad. something she didn't have the chance to do with me kaya di ako masyado lumaki. hehe.

Pamahiin / Re: San nyo pinaglihi babies nyo?
« on: June 07, 2010, 10:23:41 pm »
si baby pinaglihi ko sa grapes. as in hapunan ko, 1 kilo ng grapes. kaya medyo kulay grapes din si baby and ang buhok, parang bunch ng grapes kasi kulot ;D

of course there's no scientific explanation bat nahahawig si baby sa napaglihian, kasi nga sa genes ng parents lang nakukuha ng baby ang hitsura niya. pero parang nagkakataon naman kasi na namamana ng baby ang hitsura ng pinaglihian.

i'm a single working mom with no yaya or helper. good thing is i'm blessed with a mabait na baby and super understanding mom to take care of my baby while i'm working. since i need to be in the office by 8am, medyo fast forward ang morning routine ko:

6:20 - feed baby with breakfast - cereals pa coz she's still 6 months
6:45 - give her vitamins, then clean, sterilize and prepare bottles and milk
7:00 - baby's bath time, then put on her daytime clothes
7:20 - my turn to eat breakfast, take a bath and prepare for work
7:45 - prepare milk for her 8am feeding (si lola na magbibigay ng bottle), prepare baby's stuff for the day (para di na mahirapan maghanap si lola later)
7:50 - off to the office

when i'm home from work, i give baby a sponge bath, massage, then change her clothes and put her to bed early. laundry and food prep also at nights, ironing on weekends. kapagod maging nanay noh? but i'm not complaining. when you see your baby well and healthy, specially when she responds to you by smiling and hugging you back, wala na lahat ng pagod.  :)

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: DIY baptism giveaways
« on: May 31, 2010, 11:50:24 am »
check out my blog sis! I listed some of the DIYs i made!
Hope this helps!

hi sis your diy's are really nice. i'm interested in the birthday invites and centerpieces. what software did you use for the invites? and how did u make the centerpieces? thanks.

i also did mine for my baby's baptism, from the invites,tarp, sign sheets, up to giveaways. kung marunong lang ako mag diy balloons eh ako na din gumawa nun hehe. my giveaways were small potted plants na nilagyan ko ng ribbon and tag. the downside is madaling mamatay ang plant. but i told them that if the plant dies, you can use the pot to put little stuff or mga "abubot". hehe.

Pregnancy Health and Nutrition / Re: having colds on my 32nd week
« on: May 27, 2010, 03:54:05 pm »
i guess no bad effects ang vitamin c sa baby, sis. when i was on my 7th month, grabe din cough and colds ko. my ob told me to take nutricee 3x a day. dont know if sodium chloride or ascorbic acid yon. but just the same, wala naman harmful effects kay baby (thank God!).

hi mga mommies ako din excited na umupo si baby. she's turning 6 months next week. sabi kasi pag nakakaupo na, it's a sign na she's ready for solids. gusto ko sana when i start feeding her with solids eh nakakaupo na sya. ginagawa ko lang is i let her sit on my lap and prop her until eventually eh matuto na syang umupo on her own. sana lang before 7 months para masaya hehe.

Breastfeeding / Re: have no enough milk :(
« on: April 30, 2010, 08:58:19 am »
sis did your pedia prescribe vitamins? baka kelangan niya ng vitamins.

siguro nga kulang yung milk mo sis. kasi friend ko na EBF, medyo big talaga baby niya. me, i'm mixed feeding kasi kulang breast milk ko. buti na lang i didnt have a problem with her using the bottle. since birth naman kasi mixed fed na sya. i breastfeed her at nights, pampatulog niya. alam ko pag kulang ang milk ko pag halos 30 mins na syang dumedede tapos di pa sya nakakatulog. kaya timpla na ako ng formula. pag naubos na niya formula, dun pa sya nakakatulog. pag madami naman milk ko, satisfied na sya sa breastmilk lang.

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: Sinok or hiccups
« on: April 14, 2010, 04:47:26 pm »
ok lang yan sis, your baby will outgrow that. my baby is turning 5 months and di na sya sinisinok.

hi avent users. would you recommend avent for teething babies? my baby is turning 5 months, and medyo maga na ang gums. i noticed for the past week na medyo humina ang feeding niya. she bites the teats on the side of her mouth, not at the center, at halos di na dumedede. she depends on my breastmilk, which, unfortunately, is not much. i'm not using avent kasi. are the nipples really softer and resemble the mother's breast? pls help. thanks.

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