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Daddy Department / Re: Surprise Ideas for Hubby
« on: May 18, 2010, 04:04:38 pm »
hello mommy france,share ko lang ha kase during my hubby's birthday last march (which is my bf of 7 years before we got married) pinagprepare ko sya breakfast at nageffort talaga ko  :) to start the day, i made a letter for him so touched naman sya kase wayback during our college days,mahilig talaga ko maggawa letters,scrapbook etc etc.. plus i gave him the gift na gusto niya at magagamit niya.then nagsimba kame,family day lang the whole day,pinasyal baby namin,foodtrips kase we love eating although it doesn't show in our mien.. hehe. then after that intimate dinner naman na kaming dalawa lang.simple yet fun and i know we made him happy and feel love on that day,how grateful we are to have him.

hi mommy leng,i find this post interesting kase eto talaga yung dilemma ko sa ngayon since i was wondering pano ko maiinitiate sa baby ko (which is ka-age pala ng baby mo kase 1 year and 3 weeks na din sya) ang pagbabrush ng teeth,so ngayon alam ko na.cute naman ng mga available tootbrush for toddler so i guess maeenjoy naman niya.. i'll just buy the orajel.thanks sis!

my son xian first tooth came out when he was 7-8 months old. 2 teeth sa baba then 2 sa that he's 1 year old and 2 months,meron na sya 8 teeth.and i was wondering kase after that di pa ulit nasusundan.. sadya ba ganun mga mommies?

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