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Dr Brown's bottles are the best for me. It may need extra time and effort in cleaning the extra parts but it's worth it. I found that it was a lot sturdier than Avent too, especially the nipples.

Since my daughter started going to school in July, three times na pabalik-balik ubo niya. 2 weeks ago, she was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and had to take a bunch of medications plus round the clock nebulization. I felt so frustrated kase hinde naman sakitin yung anak ko pero lageng nahahawa sa classmates niya.

My daughter is almost done with her meds but sinasabayan ko na din sya ng 1 teaspoon of honey every morning. My pedia also gave her go signal dito and said na effective naman daw to boost the immune system.

Home / Re: Achieving your Dream Home
« on: May 06, 2014, 09:17:04 am »
It's our second year paying for our condo. It's a small 2-bedroom unit lang naman, just right for us na starting up pa lang. Since we bought it on their pre-selling period, we have yet to move in kase patapos pa lang yung building namin. Right now nagse-save kame for the renovation and furniture. Gusto ko kase na bago kame lumipat, complete and maayos na.

School Hunting / Re: Where is your Kid's School?
« on: April 15, 2014, 06:40:22 am »
My daughter's an incoming Junior Nursery pupil at Integrated School for Young Children (ISYC) in Marikina. We've enrolled her this April and she's also scheduled to take her assessment (for individual learning plan). Tuition's 80k for 1 year inclusive of 4 sets of uniform, school materials and trip fees.

School Hunting / Re: Pre schools in marikina
« on: April 09, 2014, 03:45:49 pm »
I already got the tuition rate for my daughter's preschool this coming school year at ISYC. It's 80k inclusive of 4 sets of uniforms, school materials, and activity fees (field trip etc). I'm now re-thinking the school bus kase baka ako na lang maghatid sundo sa daughter namin. We don't have a yaya kase and I don't want naman na basta na lang ipa sakay ang 3-year old daughter ko sa school bus ng mag-isa. My problem lang is the schedule that I reserved at ISYC is mid-morning (11am-1:30pm) so kelangan ko maghanap child na naka morning sched and willing makipag swap.

School Hunting / Re: Pre schools in marikina
« on: January 22, 2014, 08:16:07 pm »
I'm very happy that we have been able to reserve a slot for my daughter at ISYC in Marikina. We chose the mid-morning schedule (11am-1:30pm) just so my daughter won't have to wake up so early since she normally gets up between 8-9am. The current tuition rate is 75k inclusive of school materials, 4 sets of uniform, and school trip fees but the directress told me that they will have an increase of around 3-5% for school year 2014-2015. I also placed a reservation na sa school bus, but there's also an impending increase. The current rate naman nila is 2800 with the yaya.

Big Kids / Re: communicating with kids in english
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:42:36 pm »
My husband and I speak to our 3-year old daughter in English, pero minsan may Tagalog din. Her yaya speaks with her in Tagalog, sometimes in English din. Pero I dont force everyone to speak to her in English because I would rather they do it in Tagalog as long as they use polite words. Ayoko ng ie-english nila tapos mali naman.

My daughter is very fluent in English, even her expressions. She understands Tagalog din and can speak it a little pero medyo slang ang Tagalog niya. Ok lang bata pa naman sya and she will develop pa her language. I just dont want na English lang ang alam niya.

For the past few years, corny kame mag-gift to each other. As in we'll tell each other what we want and that's what we'll get. This year, we came up with a wishlist and bahala kame to choose what we will get each other. At least may konting element of surprise hehe

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