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Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: May 16, 2012, 09:22:37 pm »
@ sis riddermark

hi sis here's the number of dr lazaro's secretary at calamba doctors 049-545 2529 / 545 2527, the secretary only accept appointment calls every wednesday, alam ko may clinic din siya sa asian but i don't now the number poh...

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: May 11, 2012, 03:47:52 pm »
@ luneta_xxx

wow nice to hear that daddy buti na lang maaga niyo na din napacheck baby niyo i heard dr lazaro is really good sabi ng therapist ng anak ko pati ibang mommy na nakakausap ko sa school, my baby's assestment with him will be on may 31 but ngayon pa lang kinakabahan na ako, i hope everything will turn out well din, OT lang poh ba nirecommend ni dr lazaro?                                                                                                                                                                                       

@ sis swtgrl_bee

naku sis sobrang layo ko, im from batangas poh :), how about gymboree sis baka pwede?, currently naka summer program din baby ko and until may 22 lang yun, initial advised ni dra falcotelo is 3 months of OT then assestment ulit to see if may progress, hindi ko pa din alam what will be my next move because i need to wait first for the result of her 2nd assesment  i asked again kanina yung therapist ng baby ko pwede ko naman daw pala ienroll din si baby sa toddler class kasi yung center dito may katabi na mainstreaming school that offers toddler class, at the same time she told me group therapy na pala siya next month though may one on one pa din kaya ngayon im more confuse if enroll ko pa din siya sa toddler class forgot to ask though how old are the kids na kasama ng anak ko sa group therapy

@ sis darna88 PM sent poh :)

@ sis darna88

ang sabi sa akin before ni dra falcotelo any form of regression daw is a major red flag but based on how you describe your son i think hindi naman siya autistic kasi he's communicating naman and may interaction pa din unless may other red flags pa din na present like no name response and no pointing

he's too young pa din naman buti nga baby mo buo ang mommy and daddy tawag sa inyo baby ko isang syllable lang mah and dee then hiya sa lola, but if you want sis pacheck mo na din son mo sa devped for peace of mind and if ever (but wag naman sana) irecommend ang therapy then the earlier the better sis kasi nasa stage pa sila ng development madali mahabol ang delay since baby pa nagstart, baby ko kasi ngstart exactly 18 months siya with OT then at 19 months start na ng speech therapy, i've talked to her therapist kanina and sabi since mostly age appropriate na skills niya tingin daw niya and iaadvise ng dr is toddler class na then lessen OT or baka palitan ng SPED...

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: May 02, 2012, 01:03:35 pm »
@ luneta_xxx

ay sori poh my bad hehe, we went first to dra falcotelo but we'll see dr lazaro this month, kelan poh schedule ng son niyo?

if you want daddy try niyo na din poh yung namention ko earlier yan din kasi ginagawa nung therapist before sa anak ko much better nga pala if you will do this infront of the mirror, lessen his TV time and sing nursery rhymes together with actions infront of the mirror din much better poh...

@ sis swtgrl_bee

hi sis we went first to dra falcotelo but for my baby's 2nd assestment we'll see dr lazaro para second opinion na din, i back read your posts and good thing madami na din words baby mo gusto ko din sana ienroll sa toddler class si baby for her to socialize but her teachers wouldn't allow her i think because she's too young and the toddler class here accepts 2 year olds but if i'll get a recommendation from the dev ped papayag sila kasi siyempre diba iba naman salita ng adults sa salita ng mga bata saka kahit man lang once a week muna ok lang. right now naka dyad si baby meaning may katabi siyang bata na ok ang speech kaya lang big kids naman katabi niya i thing she's 7 gusto ko sana ka age lang niya, madami naman siyang words but yun nga lang hindi buo but with meaning naman yun lahat and consistent and she'll repeat it back if asked, lapit na din pala assesment ng baby mo balitaan mo din kami dito sis ha, Godbless poh...

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: May 01, 2012, 09:00:41 pm »
@ sis luneta_xxx

sis it would be best if wait mo na lang evaluation ng son mo but usually first evaluation hindi sila nagbibigay ng diagnosis after pa ng therapy because they need to see how the child respond, but its good that your son interact with others and marunong din magimitate, dati din baby ko hindi consistent sa name response advised ng OT niya if hindi nagrerespond yung child itapat mo yung face niya sayo or lapitan and look face to face at the child para maging aware sila na sila ang tinatawag, OT also advised me to hold a stacking ring and place the hole on my eye while calling the child's name in that way naman it helps the child established eye contact while responding to their name paulit ulit lang ito siguro mga 3 rounds, if you want you may try to do this while waiting for your son's assestment, ngayon naman very consistent na baby ko sa name response but i still play this game with her gusto kasi niya...

update lang din poh may baby is now 1 yr and 9 months old she started her speech therapy two weeks ago and so far so good naman, finally more words she now calls me mah, dee for daddy and hiya for lola, medyo madami na din siyang words around 30 siguro but my problem is hindi buo mga words niya like cah (cat and car), gah (goodnight), bra (zebra) bah (bye), doh (dog) and the likes basta either yung first or last letter of the word ang kulang though according to her therapist acceptable pa din yun with her age ang tawag ata dun is approximation and better na daw yun kesa hindi nagiimitate ng words si baby, even sa nursery rhymes si baby nagsasabi ng last word like for ex:
me: twinkle, twinkle little...
baby: stah (star)
me: how i wonder what you...
baby: ah (are)
me: up above the world so...
baby: hah (high)
me: like a diamond in the...
baby: kah (sky)
pati yung sa 10 little indian siya nagsasabi ng numbers 3,5,6,9 and 10 and alphabet song fill in the blanks din kami im hoping na soon she'll eventually sing the whole song on her own, im even surprise kasi pati yung last word sa sentences or phrases sa mga books niya alam niya din like the words chase, straight, tall, feet, time, gift, pig, goldilocks and the likes but yun nga lang hindi buo and pronunciation niya

nagimprove na din imaginative play niya she nows pretend to feed her doll (and even me) using a toy cup or toy bottle, she'll put her toy phone in her ear if i say hello baby, she pretends to sing using her toy microphone and sometimes dancing

she's also good with following commands for "give" and "get" ang packing away her toys and books, ok din imitation skills niya she knows different actions for nursery rhymes consistent na din pointing niya thought hirap pa din sa far objects but currently na siya tinuturuan sa school, she knows the alphabet and the only letters the she pronounce incorrectly are l,o,q,y,w, she knows numbers 1-10, can identify 11 different shapes and 12 different colors, and very big improvement on her fine motor sabi ng OT niya age appropriate na skills niya, im surprised cause i just discovered my baby is very good with puzzles and peg boards, she can put back the pieces without help and no trail and error after 2-3 times of showing her how do fixed it, even yung alphabet peg boards nakalagay pag 3 yrs old yun but nabubuo ni baby she even recite each lettter as she put back the pieces

this month na next evaluation ni baby i hope makita din ng dr yung huge improvement niya sabi ng therapist ni baby baka daw malessen na OT or palitan ng ng SPED kasi for now need to focus on her speech and especially her social skills wala kasi bata dito sa amin, till next time poh and lets keep on supporting our kids...

@ riddermark

maybe i'll just be honest with her new dev ped dalhin ko na din yung summary of report from dra falcotelo and progress report from the school in that way he can see naman if may improvement

i had my baby evaluated because of her speech konti pa lang kasi alam niya before, then pointing niya only to near objects lang pag malalayo she will just make a gesture then look at the object and back at me, hand flapping din siya when she's excited or frustrated but i did some research some says its normal, like sa adults pag naiinip tayo we would tap our foot parang similar daw yun dun but im not sure din

kanina lang din sabi ng OT niya hindi masyado nagagamit ni baby ang left arm niya nasanay kasi si baby palagi may bitbit sa isang kamay niya kaya ayun hindi niya masyado nagagamit for grasping so now if may hawak si baby that she's holding for too long aalisin ko na

bilis nga turuan ni baby kahit sa books dami na din niya na identify like moon, flower, baby, ball, cup, girl, boy, banana, apple and the likes pati mga character sa books she can point na din like when i ask where's winnie the pooh? alam din niya, every morning we review her flashcards and sa afternoon din if wala siya therapy, i started with 3 flashcards at a time for each category (alphabet, shapes, colors, numbers), saka lang me nagaadd if alam na niya yung first 3 na naintroduce ko para hindi naman mahirapan at mabigla si baby, try to experiment din kasi i just discovered that with my daughter mas effective sa kanya ang flashcards than books, she'll listen and point at books but not as consistent with flashcards, minsan nga i tried alphabet ref magnet baka naman kasi sa flashcard niya lang alam but to my surprise alam din niya yun so it means she really knows it and hindi lang sight reading, she knows how to answer questions what and where, one time dinala ko siya sa play house sa mall i saw a star shaped toy so i asked baby what shape is this, she said star, and then i ask what color is the star she said blue,

im a SAHM kaya may time kay baby but im planning to go back to work mahal kasi ng therapy ni baby but at the same time naawa naman ako if iiwan ko siya ako lang din naman nageefort magturo sa kanya and she listen wells to me compared to my mom

sis riddermark maybe you can instruct naman your yaya na ipractice yung mga lesson nila sa therapy, kasi diba sabi ni dra falcotelo as much as possible gawin din daw sa bahay yun, kahit give them a specific time to practice like one hour each morning or afternoon, they;ll still have enough time to do the housework

@ NanaylovesAJ

maybe you can ask the school administrator if they have senior OT but make it a point na its nothing personal naman with your child's current OT stressed out mo na lang na you want sana yung more experienced sa pagtuturo to help your child na mag improve, OT kasi ni baby very accommodating then she make sure talaga na one hr ang session, 2-3pm kasi schedule ni baby minsan late kami ng 5-10 mins but inaadjust niya yung time but sa ibang OT pansin ko regardless of what time dumating till 3pm pa din ang out, even kasi may meeting siya minomove na lang niya yun para nga continuous ang therapy ni baby, and every after each session kinakausap me ni teacher summarize niya what happened, the activities they did and observation niya kay baby during the session bukod pa dun yung weekly report na binibigay niya sa sa akin, dun pa lang alam ko na very trusted ang teacher niya

im also planning to take my daughter to a different dev ped after 3 months, ask ko lang if i need to inform the new dev ped na napatingnan ko na si baby to another dev ped before, if not how can i explain kung bakit inenroll ko na si baby sa OT, or should i just be honest? thanks poh!

i posted on another thread here regarding my daughter, she's been in OT for almost a month and next month start na siya ng Speech Theraphy with go signal from her teacher, my baby is 19 months old and i can say she has improved na din since nagstart siya mag OT, sabi ng teacher niya she can sit na all through out the session, will only stand if teacher ask her to and naiiwan pa nga ni teacher while si baby tuloy sa activity niya, marunong na din siya mag pack away if teacher ask her to si baby nagbibit bit ng toys dadalhin nila ni teacher sa cabinet, she doesn't cry anymore during her session, if dati ang name response niya is 2 out of 10, now 9 out of 10 na and baby will answer back pa pag tinatawag siya
mas nauutusan na din siya ngayon she follows command such us: hold your spoon, get your bubbles, get your water, turn on the tv, lets go, get your water, pick a flower, get your shoes nakakatuwa pa nga pag bigay niya ng isang shoe sa akin automatic nakataas na din paa niya
she can point and identify the alphabet and atleast 85% she can pronounce correctly, she can point to shapes like circle, star (can pronounce), triangle, square, oval, heart, crescent, rectangle, diamond, colors alam din niya like blue (can pronounce as well), red, yellow, purple, green, orange, black and pink, recently i teach her the numbers so far 1-6 alam na niya and 3,4,5 she can pronounce but not that clear like three (tri), four (fo), five (fai)
she loves to play her xylophone and can shoot shapes into her peg board w/o assistance na
she can say hindi, upo with matching tapik sa chair if she wants me to sit, our helper name niya is beth tawag ni baby ay ba, she can point to objects like if i ask her where's the lizard she'll look at the window and if may nakita siya lalapitan niya yun at ituturo niya, though she still can't point to far objects puro gesture lang tapos tingin siya akin, but one time i ask her where's the light she point at it naman but sobrang bilis
buti na lang magaling yung OT ni baby siya yung pinaka senior dun sa school niya and natutuwa siya kay baby kasi 1 month pa lang OT niya bilis na magimprove, she said she will also endorsed baby na din for SPED
im hoping pag nagstart ng mag ST si baby mas madami pa sana siya masabi parang its there na kasi kelangan lang talaga ng proper way of teaching her kaya kahit mahal ang therapy niya go pa din kasi i can see huge improvement

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: February 16, 2012, 09:35:47 pm »
@ sis riddermark: im glad pareho pala tayo ng dev ped, hope you don't mind if i ask you some questions in the future, 1st day ng therapy ni baby kanina, im expecting na hindi makikipagcooperate si baby since im not allowed inside the room and baka umiyak lang siya, to my surprised nagawa ni baby umupo sa chair the whole session doing the activities considering na yesterday during the assestment eh ayaw umupo ni baby at iyak lang ng iyak, sabi ni OT fake ang iyak ni baby walang naman luha parang nagpapaawa ang dating, maybe because napansin din ni baby na wala ako sa room then after the session pinapasok ako sa room biglang tumakbo sa akin si baby saka umiyak ng malakas na parang nagsusumbong but as per OT's advised deadma ko na lang kasi masyado ko naman itotolerate ang pagbababy sa kanya. For me its already an accomplishment kasi sa bahay hindi ko siya mapaupo ng ganon katagal sana magcontinue na din siya magimprove

sis i also ask dra folcotelo if i can also enroll my baby sa toddler class, i found a non formal class for toddlers here sa place namin but same as what she told you ayaw din niya magfocus na lang daw muna sa theraphy then saka na lang daw yun, but like you sis im also thinking pano nga naman siya makakapag socialize if therapy lang iba pa din kasi if she's learning with other children yun din naman kasi ang magiging setup pag nagschool na siya, but anyways i'll wait for the results of the OT and our next check she's too young pa din naman maybe when she turned 2 and if nagbebehave na talaga siya

hindi naman strict when it comes to number of sessions yung clinic ni baby, im the one who ask them to make it 3x a week kasi for me lang ha nakukulangan talaga ako sa 2x a week, wouldn't be better if more often yung therapy para mas mapractice? pag summer sa kanila everyday na ang theraphy mon to thurs for 5 weeks, yung iba ko din nababasa though sa states naman yun combination ng different therapies umaabot pa nga ng 20hrs per week

sis let me know if effective yung ABA i've read na mas effective daw yun, and btw when did dra advised your eldest son to undergo speech theraphy? thanks in advance!

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: February 15, 2012, 10:53:08 am »
thank you sis sa pagreply, nakahanap na me ng OT start na si baby tomorrow, kanina lang yung evaluation kay baby as usual mega iyak nanaman si baby, based sa OT wala pa daw 2 secs eye contact niya, incosistent then sa name response, though nakikicooperate naman yung baby ko sa activity pansin ng OT ayaw ni baby na madaming verbal command, she told me medyo matagal daw aabutin ng therapy but it still depends on how magrerespond si baby though nakwento din niya na madami din naman silang students na kagaya niya but after the theraphy naging mainstream na, good thing lang kay baby hindi naman siya nananakit, iyak lang talaga siya ng iyak, ginawa ko ng 3x a week OT niya instead of 2 then starting march 4x a week na, thanks again hopefully next post ko may improvement na kay baby

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: February 14, 2012, 12:20:06 am »
what poh yung mga activities sa OT? and hindi kasama ang parent sa loob right? Kasi if ganon for sure the first few days ng therapy baka magiiyak lang baby ko but sana nga din mabilis siyang maka adapt, im worried lang na 3 months of OT wll not be enough and madiagnose agad si baby ng iba, ang hirap kasi in some aspects she's normal nauutusan and sociable yun lang talaga pointing and language sobrang delayed.... :'(

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: February 13, 2012, 10:56:34 pm »
Thanks poh mommy ELENRN! I'll be scouting for therapy center tomorrow and hopefully magimprove ang language niya. Ask ko lang poh kung what specifically ang symptoms ng communication disorder? And after ilang months of therapy did you see improvements on your baby? Thanks!

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