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News, Entertainment and Politics / calamity/ emergency preparedness
« on: September 14, 2013, 09:32:04 am »
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I have been preparing and telling people about the Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake since around 2006.  After attending a seminar and viewing a presentation by the MMDA last Aug. 27, 2013...I have found out that the national government is not preparing for just one, but two destructive quakes.  The second is a Magnitude 7.9 that will also trigger a 2-meter high Tsunami...and both Earthquakes may have an Intensity of 8 to 9.

[1] Possibility of 7.2 Magnitude EQ occurring along the Fault on the Eastern part of Metropolitan Manila. [2] Another scenario is a strong earthquake at Manila Bay capable of generating a 2-meter high tsunami affecting western coastline of Metro Manila.

Effect is characterized by strong ground shaking (Intensity 8 & 9) along most parts of MM, liquefaction, and landslides causing severe damage to buildings (mostly residential), thousands of deaths and injuries, disruption of lifelines and services, and widespread fires.


The problem is, the PREPARATIONS are only at National and Metropolitan Manila level...but NOT at the BARANGAY LEVEL.

The MMDA already has a very comprehensive impact assessment.  Meaning, the government knows which areas will be the most affected...what bridges and roads will be destroyed (because of their current state)...they have maps where you could see where the 500 simultaneous fires will break out (MMIERS, 2004).

One major fire will be at the Pandacan Oil Depot.  Those underground pipes will not withstand the impact of the quake. 

Every person should have an emergency survival kit to last for 3 to 5 days...because this is the estimated time before any help will arrive.  Aside from the roads and bridges, the airports and seaports (piers) will be highly damaged.  Metro Manila will be isolated.  The entry point of external help will be at the Batangas Port...just imagine how far that is and how difficult .

Communication will be a major problem too.  DURING DISASTERS REMEMBER: DON'T USE THE PHONE LINES TO CALL OR COMMUNICATE.  Imagine millions like you simultaneously calling!  The government authorities will also be using those lines for the rescue and relief operation.  You, and millions of others like you will block the communication lines if you use them simultaneously.  Remember the Ondoy disaster.  The cell sites and phones lines were not damaged...they were congested with calls!

I am sharing this because a lot of people are not taking the preparations seriously.  I am highly involved in the emergency group where I work, but its very disappointing when people are not participating actively in the drills that we conduct.

The MMDA Conducts seminars and trainings on how to prepare for the two destructive earthquakes.  Contact: Public Safety Division, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, to know more.  Involve you entire family and your whole community...tell your Barangay Officials to do their job.

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NO to contraceptives. Please, let babies live.

I am against the use of contraceptives and surgical birth control procedures

Why? Contraceptives kill babies.

Dahil commercially driven at profit oriented ang pagbebenta ng contraceptives, may mga ginagawa ang mga manufacturers nito para lumaki ang kita nila at pagandahin ang imahe ng contraceptives.  Nahaharang at natatakpan ang katotohanan na pumapatay ng buhay ang pills at iba pang artificial birth control methods.

Di ba tayo nagtataka kung bakit hanggang ngayon, ang simpleng kaalaman tungkol sa fertility - kung kailan lang pwede mabuntis - ay hindi karaniwang impormasyon sa atin?

Dahil hindi alam, bibili na lang at gagamit ng pills, injectables o IUD?

Dahil ang makabagong pills at injectables ay mas kaunti ang side effects, mas mahina ito sa pagpigil para ang egg cell ay ma-fertilize ng sperm cell.  Nagkakaroon ng isang bagong buhay ang nagsisimula.

May back up na kemikal ang contraceptives dito, pinipigilan ang pag-ipon ng dugo sa matris (womb) kung saan sana pupunta ang fertilized egg, ang bagong buhay...ang baby.

Dahil walang naipon na dugo (thickening of the lining of the uterus) hindi maka-implant ang fertilized egg sa womb (na isa nang bagong buhay)...nalalaglag ito at namamatay.

Halos ganito rin ang ginagawa ng IUD.  It prevents the implantation of the new life that was created.

Ang paggamit ng contraceptives ay abortion.

Ang nanay ko, nasobrahan ng infection dahil sa IUD, kinailangan siyang i-Hysterectomy.

Ang Ligation (surgical birth control) nakaka-abort pa sa mother.

Ang isang kasama ko sa work (Aireen) at years later, isang naging kapitbahay namin (Ate joy)...parehas ang case, nagka-emergency, muntik nang mamatay, internal bleeding.

Nagpa-ligate kasi sila before, pinutol na, tinali pa ang fallopian tube nila, para mapigilan na ang egg na dumaddan dito ay makapunta sa matris at ma-fertilize.  Buong akala nila hindi na sila mabubuntis.  Sabi nga sa isang novel na naging movie, "Life will find a way!"  Nagconnect pa nag-concceive sila, at nagrupture.  Each of them collapsed during their emergency and it was thought na appendix ang nag-rupture.  Muntik na sila mamatay.

Gastos lang, murder at life-threatening danger ang artificial birth control.

Sa wakas, meron palang Natural Family Planning (NFP) method na gawa ng Pilipino para sa Pilipino.  Subok na ito at ginagamit na mula pa noong 1966.

Ang nag-develop ng method na ito ay ang mag-asawa na sina Tatay Ely at Nanay Feling Porsuelo.  Sila itong nasa inset picture, kasama sina Dr. John at Dr. Evelyn Billings (ang nag-develop ng Billings Ovulation Method).  Sila ay mga miyembro ng Vatican Pontifical Council on Family.

Ang method na ito ay ni-review ng pitong (7) doktor matapos itong magamit at ma-develop sa mai-dokumento gamit ng 4,000 users.

Ang mag-asawang Fely at Feling Porsuelo lang ang Pilipino sa Pontifical Council on Family.  Sila ay kinilala sa kanilang "pioneering work" sa grassroots level.

Ang buong pangalan ng NFP na ito ay "Nanay Feling Porsuelo's Method and Values"

Ang strongest feature ng method na ito ay ang pagpapatibay nito sa pagsasama ng mag-asawa dahil ito ay sinamahan ng values.

Ang Porsuelo Method ay simplified charting na kayang gawin nang kahit sino, anuman ang antas ng pinag-aralan. 

Ang unang gumamit nito ay ang mga kasamahan sa trabaho ni Tatay Ely sa  Del Monte Corporation, at ang mga kapitbahay nila ni Nanay Feling sa Philips, Bukidnon.

Porsuelo Mucus Method

Porsuelo Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Method

Porsuelo Sympto-Thermal Method

Hanggang ngayon nagtuturo pa rin si Nanay Feling sa mga trainors ng NFP.

Last Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011, isang grupo kami ng mga couples, professional, doktor (Ob. Gyn), facilitator, tinuruan mismo ni Nanay Feling.  Lola na siya ngayon.  Namayapa na si Tatay Ely, tulad ni Dr. John Billings na wala na rin.

Sources used:

'National Family Planning Only Country': Phillips, Bukidnon -- A Twenty-First Century Miracle


Further Reading:
Godly values can avert contraceptive mentality among couples―NFP trainor

400 to attend Natural Family Planning seminar in Laguna


Inspiration / Poetry ® original, spontaneous, continuing
« on: August 25, 2011, 10:30:53 am »
This thread is for everyone who would like to express what they feel through poetry. Di ba sometimes there are things in your mind and heart, but you can't say what they are exactly.  You are concerned that others may not fully understand what you are going through.

Emily Dickinson describes it this way:

This is my letter to the world,
   That never wrote to me,--
The simple news that Nature told,
   With tender majesty.

Her message is committed
   To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
   Judge tenderly of me!

Ako, I've been writing on pages of different notebooks and pieces of paper.  There are a few that I was able to finish...some were published.  Many of those I wrote are now lost, remained unfinished...and never shared with anyone.

Comments and messages about what has been written here are also welcome rin ha.

Remember that time when you were still looking for that one person whom you were meant to spend the rest of your lifetime with?  You knew at the very depth of your being that this person is just out there somewhere.   There's that certainty in your heart that the day will come when you will finally meet.  So you prepare for that day. Your love, your longing, your sweetness, your pureness, your soul, your light...your all...set aside like some precious gift...a jewel...a pearl! 

Every soothing music seems to surround you like a warm embrace.  Every line of the poem you whisper at night intertwines with the sound of your heartbeat.  And the words of a love song fills you with that deep longing to finally be together. 

-- Jojo C. (Aug. 5, 2011, 6:11 PM)

Come to me in my dreams, and then
By day I shall be well again!
For so the night will more than pay
The hopeless longing of the day.

Come, as thou cam'st a thousand times,
A messenger from radiant climes,
And smile on thy new world, and be
As kind to others as to me!

Or, as thou never cam'st in sooth,
Come now, and let me dream it truth,
And part my hair, and kiss my brow,
And say, My love why sufferest thou?

Come to me in my dreams, and then
By day I shall be well again!
For so the night will more than pay
The hopeless longing of the day.

-- Matthew Arnold

Single Moms / Immediate help thread please for Single Parents
« on: November 09, 2010, 07:39:25 pm »
Dear everyone,

Please post here any immediate source of support (financial, etc.) that you are aware of or have tried so that we can help other single parents out there.  I will try to collate and organize the information on this first message.

You see I've been encountering a lot of single parents who need help and I know that they can find them if they only know how and where to look.

I have a former high school classmate with two kids who decided to leave her husband because he remained jobless, they lived in his mother's house and has not made any efforts to improve  their condition/situation.  She has not been working for quite a long time (so her credentials may not get her a job that pays enough, and provide the time she needs to attend to her children). 

Recently, I realized that my officemate, who had been separated from her husband for years now, has only been working half day to attend to her three children.

Basically, imagine this situation: If a woman decides today to end her relationship with her man and raise their child/children by herself, what support can she get, where can she get it and how fast.

I am thinking that we could collaborate into creating a sort of cheat sheet.


A program by a non profit organization.

A project of a government agency

A church-based advocacy

A job, livelihood or source of income, preferably home-based

Non-profit Organizations that specialize on the welfare of women

¤ May I request for the moderator of this thread to please pin this or if there's already one, to merge this with that and have this available at the top.

Huwag na maghintay ng menstruation period.  Huwag na magbilang.  Napakadali lang nito, Sa umaga pagkagising (recommended) at pagpunta sa bathroom, Kung may maramdaman na wet or slippery means fertile ka.  Kung wala, try to remember kung kahapon may ganitong feeling.  Kung meron, baka fertile ka pa rin today.  Kung wala on both days, hindi ka fertile.

The following is from

The TwoDay Method®

The TwoDay Method is a new simple approach to NFP. It relies on a simple algorithm to help women identify when they are fertile, based upon the presence or absence of cervical secretions.

If the woman notices any secretions on the current or previous day, then she is probably fertile today and should not have unprotected intercourse if she wants to avoid pregnancy.
If she notices no secretions today and yesterday (two days in a row without secretions), then she is not fertile today.

Research-to-Practice – The TwoDay Method

The TwoDay Method is a new Fertility Awareness-Based method of family planning that uses cervical secretions as the indicator of fertility. More than 96% effective when used correctly, this method instructs women to monitor daily the presence of secretions to know when pregnancy is most likely. If a woman notices any secretions today or yesterday, she considers herself fertile today.

A user of the Twoday Methods asks herself two questions every day:

• Did I note any secretions today?
• Did I note any secretions yesterday?

If she noticed any secretions today OR yesterday, she is potentially fertile today and should avoid unprotected intercourse today to prevent pregnancy. If she did not notice any secretions today and yesterday (two consecutive dry days), pregnancy is very unlikely today.

TwoDay Method Algorithm


An efficacy trial found that the TDM was more than 96% effective with correct use and more than 86% with typical use among women. These effectiveness rates are similar to those of a number of other user-dependent methods.

Contraceptive Failure of User-Directed Methods*
Correct UseTypical Use
No Method8585
Correct UseTypical Use
Standard Days Method  512
TwoDay Method414

*% of women who became pregnant during 1st year of use

Source: Adapted from Contraceptive Technology,
18th edition, 2004

Click here to read more about the TDM Efficacy Study.

Scientific Basis

Secretions are a reliable indicator and factor of fertility. Cervical secretions are necessary for the woman to be fertile. If there are no cervical secretions, she can not be fertile and thus can not become pregnant.

Secretions have several key functions:

• The sperm can live 5 days in woman’s body – but only if the secretions are present. If there are no secretions, the acid environment of the vagina will deteriorate the sperm in minutes.

• When cervical secretions are very fluid (more water, around the day of ovulation), they serve as a medium, which the sperm can navigate very efficiently to go into the uterus. This fluidity allows them to flow down the vaginal walls making them easily noticeable at the opening of the vagina or vulva.

• When secretions have little water content (infertile days), they form a sticky plug at the opening of the cervix, which is impenetrable to sperm. With less water content, secretions do not flow down and are not noticeable.

If secretions are present, she is very likely fertile; and if there are no secretions, pregnancy is unlikely.

Fertile Window

There are 6 days during the menstrual cycle when it is possible for a woman to become pregnant. This is because of the life span of the sperm, which remain viable in the woman’s reproductive tract for up to five days, and the fact that the ovum can be fertilized for up to 24 hours following ovulation. This “window” of fertility will move backwards or forwards, depending on when ovulation actually occurs. Secretions will follow the fertile window wherever it goes, because they are actually part of what generates the window. This leads to higher efficacy of the TwoDay Method because if ovulation happens earlier or later, the woman will be able to notice secretions earlier or later.

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Romantic Relationships / Why husband and wife miscommunicate
« on: July 30, 2010, 02:36:23 pm »
Magkaiba ang pinanggagalingan naming mga lalaki sa inyong mga babae.  Ako, ngayon lang nagme-mellow down.  Barumbado ako at madalas noon hindi maintindihan ng wife ko.

Bakit ba, saan ba nanggagaling ang pagkainis namin at init ng ulo?

Ako, hindi ko rin maintindihan madalas sarili ko...basta pag may nasabi na ang misis ko na hindi ko nagustuhan, nagagalit na ako.  Minsan magtataas ako ng boses. Ibig sabihin non, "na-offend ako, drop the topic now!"

According to the book "You Just Don't Understand" by Debra Tannen, ang pinaka importante sa aming mga lalaki ay heirarchy at autonomy or independence.  Sa inyong mga babae, ang pinakaimportante daw ay relationship.  Dito tayo nag-aaway.  Iba pinanggagalingan namin, iba pinanggagalingan ninyo.

We guys get ticked off when we think that there is the slightest threat to our autonomy, you women get pissed off when it appears that your relationship has been compromised.

Pag medyo hindi ko nagustuhan ang tono ng boses ng misis ko, naiinis ako. 

Paiikliin ko na lang ito ha at babalik na ako sa work ko hehe. 

Paano tayo magkakasundo? 

- Maging conscious sa mga "pinanggagalingan" na ito
- Baguhin ang strategy, disassociate
- Mag conditioning muna bago magcommunicate

According sa isang seminar workshop ko on "peaceable workplace" kailangan do something muna to get into the mood...para hindi expected ang plan to communicate at maging defensive agad.

Naaassociate kasi ang pag-uusap sa problema.  Kaming mga lalaki, ayaw ng namin ng mahabang usapan.  Madalas ayaw naming mag-usap tungkol sa problema.

So do something muna, like change the ambiance.  Be creative na lang, halimbawa, play soothing music.  Yun bang akala naming guys ay love mode hehe.  Then start soft and calm with the communication.

For a long term solution to a communication problem.  Magset ng time and madalas na communication.  Hindi yung kung kelan lang me problema.

I think kaming mga lalaki ay parang dogs hehe, you women can teach us tricks.  What I mean is, involve us and make us feel na parang very much needed ang aming involvement...careful not to sound na parang nag-uutos.  Madali, actually, makuha ang aming doggie loyalty hehe.

Very receptive naman kami (di nyo lang alam) when we are appreciated.  We can be your very best friend (parang dog nga, hehe).   Use your charms, girls, si Rubi (sa teleserye ng ABS-CBN) magaling gamitin ang charms niya.

Basta, the point is, change the way we approach communication.

Excellent source on Husband and Wife communication:

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Birth Control / Lalaki naman i-birth control
« on: July 27, 2009, 12:44:28 pm »
Basahin sa Smart Parenting:
Click HERE.

Di na ba talaga ma-control at kailangan mag-artificial birth control.  O sige game, lalaki naman.  Bakit babae ang iinom ng pill o magi-injectible?

Bakit, hindi, di ba pagiging Real Man yon, sabi nga sa Red Horse Beer.

Sana maglabas din ng mga Chemicals and other Contraceptives na pang-lalaki.

Siguro naman sa dami ng profit ng mga contraceptive manufacturer kaya na nilang gumawa ng injectible or pill para gawing incapacitated and sperm. Kung stop na, sige vasectomy na agad.

Pag lalaki ang magte-take ng pill o mag-iinject, kung may danger man sa tao, isa lang ang in-danger.

Pag babae kasi pati mga innocent unborn children nagbubuwis ng buhay...para lang sa isang bagay na hindi makontrol.

Tama na please, marami nang buhay ang nawala.

Madali na ngayon makakuha ng impormasyon para malaman na ang contraceptives ay isang uri ng abortion.  Sinisira na Chemical na nasa contraceptive ang walls ng womb kaya ang fertilized egg (na isang nang buhay na tao) ay hindi maka-implant...kaya nalalaglag.

Matuto rin sana tayong kumilatis ng impormasyon, kung totoo o may bahid ng commertialization.

Naka-relate ka ba? Mag post ng katanungan o payo dito
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Preschooler Age / School Events, Programs and Activities
« on: February 20, 2008, 04:38:16 pm »
School Events, Programs and Activities

Read it on Smart Parenting.
It Means a Lot to Your Child When You Show Up at School Events

Click this link:

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