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Birth Control / Re: Lalaki naman i-birth control
« on: July 28, 2009, 09:11:03 am »
May Chemical din ang "Jacket" like spermicide and yung "flavor"...imagine these Chemicals on the most sensitive, most delicate part of a woman's body.  Bakit ba kailangan nito? dahil ba we are being made to think (by their manufacturers) that we need it?

Harang sa bonding, sa intimacy...kung iisipin pa ang paggamit nito. 

All we need to do is understand and appreciate our bodies more and know how they work...when is the time that we may get pregnant...and that's just about 4 to 6 days in a fertility period....the rest of those days are okay.  Having the monthly period means that it's the end of that fertility period.  The egg has not been fertilized by a sperm so all the preparation to conceive life, the blood that collected in the walls of the womb come out.  I'll post some more short tips on safe days in a new thread.


pwede naman mag "jacket" si daddy di ba...  ;)

ew. ayaw na ayaw q "jacket" sis..

ayan tuloy..................

oo nga parang wala lang..  ;D

Birth Control / Lalaki naman i-birth control
« on: July 27, 2009, 12:44:28 pm »
Basahin sa Smart Parenting:
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Di na ba talaga ma-control at kailangan mag-artificial birth control.  O sige game, lalaki naman.  Bakit babae ang iinom ng pill o magi-injectible?

Bakit, hindi, di ba pagiging Real Man yon, sabi nga sa Red Horse Beer.

Sana maglabas din ng mga Chemicals and other Contraceptives na pang-lalaki.

Siguro naman sa dami ng profit ng mga contraceptive manufacturer kaya na nilang gumawa ng injectible or pill para gawing incapacitated and sperm. Kung stop na, sige vasectomy na agad.

Pag lalaki ang magte-take ng pill o mag-iinject, kung may danger man sa tao, isa lang ang in-danger.

Pag babae kasi pati mga innocent unborn children nagbubuwis ng buhay...para lang sa isang bagay na hindi makontrol.

Tama na please, marami nang buhay ang nawala.

Madali na ngayon makakuha ng impormasyon para malaman na ang contraceptives ay isang uri ng abortion.  Sinisira na Chemical na nasa contraceptive ang walls ng womb kaya ang fertilized egg (na isang nang buhay na tao) ay hindi maka-implant...kaya nalalaglag.

Matuto rin sana tayong kumilatis ng impormasyon, kung totoo o may bahid ng commertialization.

Naka-relate ka ba? Mag post ng katanungan o payo dito
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Preschooler Age / School Events, Programs and Activities
« on: February 20, 2008, 04:38:16 pm »
School Events, Programs and Activities

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