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Special Occassions / Where to take hubby for fathers day
« on: June 08, 2012, 04:10:33 pm »
Hi moms! Hope you could help me. Could you recommend child friendly places where my family could go to celebrate fathers day? My daughters just 2 so ako pa magoorganize ng getaway for fathers day.


Hi twix. I give my daughter wyeth products since birth. Nagstart sya s26 gold after nagbreastfeed. Then promil gold and now that shes 2, progress gold. If im not mistaken, yung pang 3 yrs old is progree pre school gold. Sabi ng pedia ko important daw talaga yung gold. Kasi meron yung ordinary s26, promil and progress.

I believe her kasi super healthy ng daughter ko. Hindi na din sinisipon and inuubo kahit malamig minsan. Strong din bones kasi mahilig maglambitin kung saan saan. Even when she falls, tatayo lang ulit parang walang nangyari. Smart din and fast learner. I think its because of the milk also.

Try mo and hope you can see the same results that i see in my daughter.

Big Kids / Re: communicating with kids in english
« on: June 08, 2012, 03:39:56 pm »
Hi ashli. Its somehow true kasi i have nieces who are filipino but are in the foreigners class. They are fluent in english so hirap sa filipino/hekasi subject in school.

Its ok to teach your child to speak in english but dapat kausapin din in tagalog kasi yun ang language sa country natin. So baka mahirapan sila to communicate with other people.

Real Parenting / Re: child tantrums
« on: June 08, 2012, 03:29:43 pm »
Hi mommy maphine. Im encountering the same problems din with my daughter. Ive tried several styles but and nag work lang is yung tinitingnan ko sya ng masama. Kasi alam niya that im already mad. Tapos tatahimik sya and will avoid eye contact. Minsan magpapacute pa siya para hindi na ko tumingin ng masama.

Every child is different so try mo kung ano magwwork sa kid mo. Bringing toys that she loves also helps para maaliw. Sad to say pero ipad never fails to amuse my daughter. Try mo din yun.


Food / new craze: Milk Tea
« on: November 05, 2011, 09:29:50 am »
Hi moms! I noticed dami nag-open na mga milk tea business like serenitea, cha time, etc. I went to serenitea and they fave A LOT of drinks to choose from. I would just like to ask, what's your favorite milk tea flavor? I want to try those you'll recommend first. thanks!

hi sis!

you can do lots of things to be youthful. you can play sports or go running. treat yourself to a facial and a whole body massage once in a while. try taking multivitamins especially vitamin e. it doesn't have to be an expensive brand. meron namang generic. then rest or relax whenever possible.

hi sis! a simple walking exercise would be a big help kasi ako ganun lang din ginawa ko. and yung i-ccut sa vagina, i think episiotomy tawag dun. ganun din ginawa sakin. hindi mo na mararamdaman lalo na pag may epidural. mas mapapadali panganganak mo sis. ako less than 10 pushes lumabas na si baby because of regular walking and episiotomy. trust your OB and tip ko lang, dont watch labor videos on you tube kasi matatakot ka talaga. read books na lang para aware ka kahit papano.

good luck sis and have a healthy baby!

hi sis! my OB said that it is better if i choose episiotomy para maayos yung pagka-cut and ma-avoid yung matinding pagka-tear. may epidural din yung akin kaya less yung pain. thanks to my OBs suggestion, madali lang ako nanganak. less than 10 pushes lumabas na si baby. madali din  nag-heal.

hi sis! ako regular check-up ko lang nun sa asian then dapat punta kami mall ni husband after. after ako i-check, inadmit na ko agad. that was 2pm then i gave birth mga 9pm. pero madali lang ako nanganak, less than 10 pushes lang lumabas na si baby. nakatulong ata yung lagi kong paglalakad sa mall. hehe.

hi sis! if you want, you could try letting your baby watch YOUR BABY CAN READ. kasi pag yun ang pinapanood ng baby ko, tahimik sya talaga then ayaw niya ng brainy baby and little einstein ( i dont know why). of course you have to make time for your baby. teach her to clap her hands then close open. then hide under the sheets and play peek a boo with your baby. don't be bothered kasi iba-iba naman yan bawat baby. before my daughter turned 1, she can correctly respond when i say peek a boo, clap your hands, close open, touch your feet, nose, ears, then flying kiss. mas madali talaga matututo si baby pag si mommy ang nagturo.

good luck sis!

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: Re: Baby Shampoo
« on: November 03, 2011, 12:03:26 pm »
hi sis! first shmapoo na gamit ng baby ko is nivea nutri sensitive. for hair and body na sya. ok naman hindi nakaka-dry, mabango pa. if your son is 1 yr old or above, i think pwede mo na try sa kaniya yung shampoo mo but observe mo din yung effect sa kaniya kasi baka ma-irritate scalp niya. baka din gusto lang niya scent nung shampoo mo so another option is for you to bring your son to the grocery baby section then let him choose the shampoo scent that he wants. para pang-baby pa din ginagamit niya. try mo sis, baka mag-work.

good luck!

Real Parenting / Re: Favorite commercial ng babies nyo?
« on: November 03, 2011, 11:57:05 am »
my daughter loves shampoo commercials especially pag si kc and kris aquino. kahit ano ginagawa niya, tumitigil sya talaga para manood. she loves long hairs kasi feeling niya ata kalbo sya. hehe.

hi sis! try giving your baby cerelac muna kasi gusto ng baby yung lasa nun. wag muna yung gerber kasi ibang iba talaga lasa nun. then make sure na yung unang magsusubo is yung tao na hindi mapili sa food. pamahiin to but i think totoo. kasi husband ko una nagsubo kay baby kaya ngayon lahat kinakain niya. hindi mapili when it comes to food kaya malusog. try it sis. sana makatulong ako.

good luck!

hi sis! naninibago lang si baby. try using yung pigeon peristaltic nipple. make sure na fit yung nipple dun sa existing bottle mo para hindi sayang. peristaltic nipple kasi yung ni-recommend sakin before nung nag-aalternate din ako magbreastfeed. kasi same daw yun ng shape ng nipple.

hope i was able to help you. good luck!

hi sis! for me, hindi kailangan yung mamahalin na bottles. i'm speaking from experience. i'm a first time mom and ang gamit ng baby ko nun is yung ordinary na pigeon bottle then nag shift kami sa precious moments and disney bottles kasi may minne mouse and rattle for the bottle cap. naaaliw si baby. regarding colic, wala din naman na-experience si baby pero i guess iba-iba yun bawat baby. kung gusto mo makasiguro, use avent or dr. browns. expensive nga lang.

anyway, good luck sis!

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