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Real Parenting / Re: how to discipline a toddler (1-3yo) Bawal nang mamalo?
« on: September 11, 2008, 05:48:17 pm »
natutunan ko sa oprah yung 'naughty chair'. around 2 yung kid ko nun, kulit at hirap nga i-discipline. one time he misbehaved, i got him a chair, inupo ko sya dun for two minutes. iyak sya ng iyak, though hawak ko sya at nakayakap sya sakin, di ko sya inalis dun. then afterwards i told him why i made him sit sa 'naughty chair'. since then, pag makulit at nag misbehave, i tell him lang na iuupo ko sya sa 'naughty chair' niya, titigil na yun. so far that was the 1st and the last time na naupo sya dun. he's turning 5 na this sept. it can be a naughty corner or a mat, basta kung ilang taon sya, say 3 yrs old, 3 mins din yung time niya sa naughty chair or mat niya.

ok un tip mo mommy leda... if my baby kyle will turn on that kakulitan age, i'll try it talaga!  ;D  ;D

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