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Labor and Child Birth / Re: When and where kayo manganganak?
« on: September 03, 2008, 02:25:59 pm »
I'm a first time mom and a newbie here. Based sa ultrasound my due date is on November 9 +/- 2 weeks. My OB is at Makati Medical Center but I am to give birth at Ramos General Hospital in Tarlac City as my mom is there and it's cheaper to give birth in the province. I already have an OB there and my OB at Makati will just give me my medical records for reference.

I have a question. How accurate is this +/- 2 weeks for first time moms? I cannot decide when to file my maternity leave. Need advice. Thanks!

Labor and Child Birth / Pregnancy and labor fears, cheers and worries
« on: September 03, 2008, 02:16:27 pm »
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Hi to all moms. I am a new member here at smart parenting. The topic I am posting is my current dilemma - as the title says so. When I got pregnant, I think I have been the most paranoid person. I can't overcome all the fears and worries I have since and until now that I am on my 30th week. No matter how hard I pray I still can think of negative things. I have this fear that something bad will happen to my baby or one of us will be in a critical condition when I am to give birth as there is a saying that "kapag nanganganak ang isang nanay nasa hukay ang isa niyang paa." Some of which are baby will come out with a disease or "kapansanan" i.e. cleft lip, sepsis etc. or that the umbilical cord will impose a danger to the baby during labor (masasakal). Basta sobrang praning ko. I do not know if this is normal to all expectant moms o ako lang ang sobrang ganito kanegative magisip. Need your advice. I really wanted to overcome these fears and worries. They make me "sick".  :-[ Thanks!

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