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Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: Caterer:Lola Mamangs?
« on: April 05, 2012, 01:44:02 pm »
sisses, we are also planning to have our son baptized next month..pwede bang pa-email din sakin ng packages nila???super thanks!

hello sisses!ako naman over protective ako sa baby sa tummy having a bad case of OCD which develop fully when i got pregnant...natatakot tuloy ako sa post partum...haiz!

@sis michimac03: tama si sis prettychinita_26. Wala daw pong package sa Capitol Medical Center. My friend mentioned that they have charity package daw for 15k. I'm not sure about this. May I ask sino pong OB mo sa CMC?

sis, si dr. mendiola ob ko, wala pa din siya sinasabi how much e...kaya surprise surprise na lang ata sa bill namin=)

Labor and Child Birth / please help!ob-gyne rate
« on: February 10, 2012, 01:00:41 pm »
hello mommies! may mga nanganak na ba sa inyo under dr. rogelio mendiola? im 32 weeks on the way pero he still do not give me quotation on how much do we need to prepare. medyo kabado kasi ako na baka yung tabi naming pera is not enough to cover the expenses because of course, he's a specialist.
your replies will help a lot, thanks!!!=)

super thanks sis kulotski! i just hope the meds did not affect your really scared..i pray a lot, but i think i really need to seek help...

^yes sis now in search of a psychiatrist who has a more conservative way of treating depression, kasi most of them prescribe meds talaga.. haiz, i just hope my depression does not affect my baby's mental development.

ako nga sisses, everyday my anxieties and fears are getting worse. i was diagnosed with chronic depression a few years back but i aced my therapy and recovered faster than the set time frame. i thought it will not come back but as i become pregnant, nagkaroon ako ng unexplained fears and worries, lalo ako naging anxious and too protective of the baby, and almost all of the things na feeling kong bad sa kanya e kinapapraningan ko. takot ako sa animals because of rabies, sa mga tarnished na bagay because of tetanus, yun mga ganun..wala na ngang kwenta pero anlaki ng takot ko talaga.. im willing to seek help, but i don't want to take in medicines, haiz...

mommies, i already had around 7 or 8 US sessions because of delicate pregnancy...i am just wondering if it really has a bad effect on the baby, there are many conflicting studies kasi, but my ob always issues requests...haiz...thanks in advance for the enlightenment.

sis, gusto ko din magpa-vaccine, dahil nga praning mom ako, im 6 months on the way. but my ob does not bring this up?should i ask him again?or can another doctor give me the sho, or kailangan with ob's consent?

hello mommies, Ask ko lang kung may nanganak sa inyo dito sa capitol medical center?how much kaya ang package nila?TIA! :-*

Labor and Child Birth / Re: Pregnancy and labor fears, cheers and worries
« on: January 03, 2012, 07:12:57 pm »
thanks mommies, your replies helped a lot!!di naman affected yung work ko, though ang bagal ko lang talaga kumilos at wala pa naman akong naririnig na bumubulong saking kakaibang nilalang, LOL! siguro nga, overly OA lang talaga ako, lalo na ilang beses na din ako na-hospitalized for threatened abortion and pre-term contractions...

hiyang-hiya na nga ko sa pangungulit kay LORD at mga santo dahil araw-araw at oras-oras ko na silang kinukulit sa prayers kong paulit-uliy lang ang content...
super thank you ha!!!=)

Labor and Child Birth / Re: Pregnancy and labor fears, cheers and worries
« on: January 03, 2012, 09:56:31 am »
hello mommies, ask ko lang, kasi ive PCOS and ive had a hard time conceiving my baby, it took much treatments before i conceived, although short period lang naman inantay ko from my marriage to conceiving this child, medyo tedious pa rin yung process sakin, kaya i feel too much protective. im on my 6th month (turning 7th) on the way, and i am having much fears, compulsion and anxiety as to how i should protect the baby in my womb. im having weird thoughts na paranoia na maituturing because i became too scared of animals for i feel they will bite me and contract rabies, and takot ako sa rusty objects dahil pakiramdam ko ma-te-tetano ako, minsan naman feeling ko pag kumain ako ng hindi ko alam san galing, germophobic naman ang drama ko, or malalason ako..ive read articles about nesting, pero non of them naman fit me.
mommies, what do you think i should do? i asked my psychiatrist friend, and she told me that if this persist, i should get treatment. but of course, it will require some meds. siyempre ayoko naman to take meds, because super protective na nga ako sa baby ko, tapos iinuman ko pa ng gamot. haiz talaga, i just hope may conservative way of treating my condition without use of chemicals, and or meds...
sorry ang haba, i hope you could help me out!thanks!

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