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Pregnancy Health and Nutrition / Re: Cesarean mom for exercise?
« on: January 18, 2013, 03:40:11 pm »
Ok naman na mag exercise basta wag muna mga crunches o exercises na focused sa tyan kasi Baka kahit healed na sa labas sa lobo di ba. Just phase yourself, ikaw nakakaalam Kung ano na ang kaya ng katawan mo. Just remember it took you 9 months to gain that weight so wag madaliin ang pagpayat.

Real Parenting / Re: sibling rivalry
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:40:39 am »
Sibling rivalry is at a peak right now in our house. I have two year old twin boys and they are not willing to share anything and that includes mommy's attention. Kapag nakakandong yung isa sa akin the other one will punch him to get him off me. If I try to carry them both at the same time they will kick each other. Haaay I really hope this is just a phase for them. My oldest son naman told my mom that he is lacking attention na, nobody cares for him daw.

Home / Re: Detergent Soap use for washing clothes
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:28:35 am »
I used to be an avid tide and Ariel user kaya Lang Medyo expensive nga kaya I use tide with bleach sa whites na Lang. Besides Nung Ariel pa gamit ko naka experience ako nag blebleed colored clothes. Kaya now I use surf fragrance potion. Matipid Talaga kasi you don't need to use fabric softener, Tupi na lang ng Tupi ng damit.

My son was the same way Nung nakatira pa kami sa parents ko kasi nga laging kinakampihan at kinukunsinti ng lolo. Pero I am the parent I have to be the kontrabida Kung kailangan. I explained to him that it's for his own good naman. He still behaves differently kapag lolo niya ang kasama pero at least hindi na siya paladabog at palasagot.

I have never told my mom I love her. We're just not expressive people. You're right you should tell her more often para sa Huli la ka pinagsisisihan di ba

Other Relationships / Re: help: Relatives doesnt want to return my son
« on: January 14, 2013, 07:42:51 am »
Kahit pagbaliktarin pa natin ang mundo nasa iyo ang karapatan sa bata bilang Ina niya. But before you burn bridges siguro dapat Talaga daanin muna sa mabuting usapan. In my POV Baka naman Hindi Talaga pera ang dahilan ng lahat. If I put myself in your uncle's shoes siguro Hindi ko rin basta basta maibabalik yung bata kasi 4 years is a long time siyempre napamahal na rin sa kanila ang anak mo. Minsan kasi ang tao pag natatakot at nasasaktan sa galit idinadaanan. Maybe he just needs reassurance na Hindi mo naman ilalayo sa kanila yung bata. Maybe they just want what's best for him too.

Other Relationships / Re: ..Yung feeling na walang kaibigan... : (
« on: January 14, 2013, 06:53:10 am »
madalas sabihin ng hubby ko dati "invite mo mga friends m" pero sino invite ko eh yung iba nasa abroad na at my sariling pamilya tapos yung pinakabest ko my asawa na din at busy sa work. ...Ngayon wala na ako masasabi na bestfriends or even friends lalo na ngayon resign na ako sa work at SAHM. Minsan tumatawag ako sa dati ko office para makipagkwntuhan pero busy naman sila

Minsan Talaga parang nakakabaliw wala kangkong makausap na adult. Hubby ko pa naman weekend Lang umuuwi. I'm really a loner by nature pero kakaloka pala if you re isolated for too long. Waaaaah Sobrang kasi na ko.

If you're on a tight budget why not ask for hand me downs kasi Sobrang bilis lumaki ng mga baby sayang Lang though I know that we have to fight the urge na gusto natin bago lahat especially Kung first baby. When it comes to strollers and cribs prefer ko branded na second hand na Lang sa sulit Facebook multiply kesa bago na cheap and poor quality, can't really afford naman new na branded besides mahal manganak ngayon di ba. When buying clothes pace yourself kasi mga 3 months Lang di na kasya. Marami nga cheap sa dv pero un eh Kung magaling ka tumawad Kung Hindi you're better off sa malls na Lang din. Before super cheap binili ko barubaruan pero every time lalaban ko natatanggal tali so really not worth it. Look for carter over runs, search ka Lang sa net, matibay kasi Talaga at magagamit mo pa if u plan having more babies. Good luck and enjoy. Btw here are my go to shops for baby gear pero di ko sure king sila na nga cheapest, phaubau closet and cirads for used but quality stuff. Mommyslist and gardening bear sa multiply for cheap clothes.

Other Relationships / What did your mom teach you about being a mother
« on: November 29, 2012, 09:18:20 am »
Sometimes I feel ill equipped to be a mom kasi I grew up with nannies. Even when she's there she lets my father deal with me. She's not the kind to change dirty diapers and such. She never went to one school event not even my graduation. I have never seen a picture of us together, at least not one where she is holding me. All I can remember about her is when she gets me in trouble with my dad because she would cry about something I said or did no matter how trivial it is. So growing up I learned to stay away from her so I would not accidentally hurt her "feelings". The one time I ever came to her was when I was in high school and I told her I had a bf. she told me not to tell my dad. And when my dad found out she totally denied ever knowing anything about it and made me a liar. So never again did I open up to her about anything. I think I never trusted anyone again after that, not even my father because he only found out about my bf by reading my diaries. That's the reason I feel that I'm emotionally bankrupted. I don't let anybody get close to me. I'm just afraid that my kids will eventually pay the price for that. I guess if my mother taught me anything, it is to make my children my priority, coz I never felt I was even in her radar.

Other Relationships / Re: ..Yung feeling na walang kaibigan... : (
« on: November 29, 2012, 08:49:35 am »
Hindi Lang pala ako nag Iisa sa ganitong feeling. I was still in college kasi when I got married and had a child so Iba na Talaga priorities ko. Hurt ako ka pag Hindi man Lang nila ako inaaya pag lalabas sila. Hindi na rin ako in touch with my hs or college friends ngayon. I'm currently a SAHM so no contact with others talaga. Palipat lipat din kami ng bahay so no time to make real connections talaga. I'm just hoping na once we have settled in a place of our own at Medyo malaki na kids may makikilala rin ako even a single friend that I can share my life with

Real Parenting / Re: My son lies all the time.
« on: November 28, 2012, 05:24:26 pm »
Hmmmm if there's a prayer especially for lying kids then it must be a common problem. Maybe it's just a phase. At least I am hoping it is. :)

Real Parenting / My son lies all the time.
« on: November 27, 2012, 07:49:26 pm »
I need your advice. I don't know how to deal with my 9 year old son anymore. He lies all the time, even about little things. I used to be able to tell when he's not telling the truth pero ngayon napaninindigan na niya. I would understand Kung may nagawa siya mali at natatakot siya mapagalitan  but he outright makes up stories. One time he said na la pasok kasi may meeting mga teachers yun pala tinatamad Lang siya. I have been a SAHM since he was two kaya I'm really surprised sa laki ng pagbabago niya.

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Romantic Relationships / When feelings have run dry
« on: September 26, 2012, 06:56:38 am »
I have been married for ten years now with three kids. I got married when I was 19 and my life pretty much revolved around my husband and my kids since then. I have been feeling neglected and unappreciated for the longest time. But nowadays instead of feeling hurt about it I feel absolutely nothing. I just stopped caring if my hubby calls me or not. I don't even think about him when he's away for work (he's away for three days to a week maybe more). I even began to get annoyed when he is at home. And I resent having sex with him. Do you think these kind of feelings or the lack thereof will pass? Is marriage really just about the choice to stay and not about feelings anymore?

Yes you should let him suffer for a little while. Men are just like big boys lulusot hanggang kaya and if he doesn't suffer the repercussion of his actions uulitin ulit yan. Let him win your love back, mas pinaghihirapan mas iniingatan. Let him know that your love is not that Unconditional

Romantic Relationships / Re: unexpected complications
« on: August 24, 2012, 05:41:16 pm »
You're already 25, you're an adult, alam mo na what is right for you. Besides it's 2012 there's really no reason to get married just because you're pregnant. Nowadays you can earn money even at home try that so you don't have to depend sa parents mo para di kana rin nila madiktahan. Just assert you're independence magtampo man yan sa una eventually di ka rin matitiis. Wag mo rin ipagkait sa bf mo anak nyo kasi di Lang siyamasasaktan pati bata. Kung pera lang issue merun naman kasalang bayan, probably not what a girl dreams about pero a wedding is just one day a marriage a lifetime. Kung gusto mo naman ng bonggang kasalang di maghintay kana lang na makaipon kayo. Besides do you really want to walk down the aisle with a huge tummy?

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