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Birth Control / Re: New to pills. Post your questions here.
« on: February 21, 2012, 02:56:36 pm »
sis, ano ba components ng lady pills? pareho ba ng trust?

trust made din sya,pagkakaiba lang mas mababa dose nag lady pill than the trust itself :)

kaloka..talagang may ganitong post..but anyway post nrin ako

At what age did you lose your virginity?
Sa husband niyo ba?
How was it?
it's hell  :'(

it made my life miserable

Sexuality / Re: How tight will it be after giving birth?
« on: February 21, 2012, 02:05:31 pm »
Offensive talaga, if only we weren't apart I could've thrown him a BIG FIT! asarrr.

I'm doing naman the kegel exercises,
pero kapag normal delivery kaya, diba tatahiin siya, ano yun, pwede mag-request sa OB na ayusin or something? haha. nahihiya kasi ako magtanong sakaniya. friends sila ni mommy ko e. :D

i've googled babalik naman daw, pero walang naka-specify if gaano katagal babalik or until saan yung pagbalik nung tightness. sorry vain :P
uhmmm.. sainyo ba mga sis, if not naman to totally intrude. ano sabi ng hubby niyo? lumuwag ba talaga as in????

thank you sa mga response mommy ainge88, funnyarte and mommy france

hi babyblair :) natutuwa naman ako sa topic na 'to :) normal delivery kasi ako,tinahi din yung vajayjay ko after giving birth kasi nahirapan talaga ako :) anyway back to the topic after 2months after giving birth kami nagcontact uli ni hubby cause sa province ako nanganak that time :) nung 1st contact talaga para akong nadevirginized :) yun din ang sabi niya saken :) feeling daw niya navirgin na ako ;) hahaha....

^^ Tapos samahan mo ng dasal na sana sa lahat ng efforts mo, ma-realize ng asawa mo na may nangangailangan ka rin ng affection. :)

In the end, pwede mong masabi na you've done all you can for your family. It takes a lot of effort pero pray ka lang for strength and makikita ni Lord na yung purpose mo is not selfish and for the family.

nainspire talaga ako sa mga post mo mommy france,ganun nalang din siguro gagwin ko. Hope he'll see all my efforts in time  :)

Romantic Relationships / Re: Payslip niya---dapat ba makita mo din?
« on: February 21, 2012, 12:06:35 pm »
As the legal wife,you have the right to sue him in the court for having a mistress and not giving enough financial support to your child. Though mistress is not an issue anymore if he really wants to mess up, child is a great responsibility to take care of :)

Birth Control / Re: Price List Of Pills
« on: February 21, 2012, 11:38:57 am »
hi mommies  :) i am a pill user for more than  3years din,i used LADY PILL w/c is trust pill product din (correct me if i am wrong)  super cheap cause it cost only less than 50.00. This pill has low level of chemicals that's why low lang din side effects  :) hope this helps!

Getting Pregnant / Re: nahirapan ba kayo magconceived sa 2nd baby?
« on: February 21, 2012, 10:42:57 am »
My 1st pregnancy was unplanned :) i'm off from pill 4months now TTC after more than 3yrs of using it. Nahihirapan talaga kami makabuo  :'( nai stress na din kame ni hubby. Hopefully sana may mabuo na this month.

Birth Control / Re: New to pills. Post your questions here.
« on: January 30, 2012, 07:07:18 pm »
Hello mga sis,I'm 23 yr old mom of 1.i got pregnant @ 19,dat was 2008,after i gave birth to my son,i started taking pill the 1st month,that pill's named LADY pill,it has 28 tabs,i try to change my pill but others have effects i can't handle,my pill cost the cheapest of all the pill u can buy,it cost only less than 50.00.
After 3yrs 3months of taking it w/o even escaping from tblets everyday,me and my hubby decided to put it off w/ my everyday routine,'coz were ready for the next one.
I'm off to pill last october 19,2011 p,but unfortunately i'm still having my period monthly and what dissapointed me much is that my period goes irregular that's why it's hard for me to get pregnant.
i went to the ob and the ob gave me some meds i have to take to make my period back to normal to help the sperms lead their ways inside of me.
i hope this coming month i will be lucky on getting pregnant ;) my hubby and i will be very happy.
Nxt time i dont want to take pill that long coz ders so much effects we can have from taking it too long.
just an advice :)

hi mga sis :) were decided to have our 2nd baby but before the PT turns into POSITIVE i want to have an ob n,w/c is s private hospital sana near here at pasig citi.I'm planning to have my ob in WORLD CITI MED,but have no idea kung ok b mnganak ng nsd painless dun?kng ok b services nla?kng puwede bng kasi c hubby s delivery room?d naman s pgiging maarte,just wnt to be practical n dn 4my health coz  at our 1st child nhirapan talaga ako....s provnce xe ako nanganak at tkot aqng mnganak dito ng wlang referal....sana my mgreply s post qng ito :)
slamat mga sissy :)

Labor and Child Birth / Re: Re: List Of OB Gynes
« on: January 30, 2012, 03:03:15 pm »
Dra. Imelda Calo.. World Citi Medical Center

hello sis,ok b siya as ur OB-gyne?and mgnda b mnganak ng nsd painless s world citi med?ok b mga rooms?at puwede b pumsok s delivery room c hubby?thanks :) andmi qng tnong.......

Pregnancy Health and Nutrition / Re: Duphaston and duvadilan
« on: January 30, 2012, 01:20:20 pm »
hello mga mommies,after i gave birth with my son ngpills nko,for more dan 3yrs qng pggamit 4months nkong stop 'coz i want to be preggy n,pero bigo ako 'coz ngng irreg n yung period q,the dr. gave me DUPHASTON pra daw maaus and mlki chnce to get it tru? >:(

hello mommies,

                       just want to ask kng my nanganak n ng normal painless delivery dito @ World citi med aurora blvd?
Ok b yung delvery room nila @ private rooms?puwede bng pumsok c hubby s OR hbang nanganganak ako?@ sino my rerefer n mbait n OB dun?
                      sana mreplyan agad post qng 'to...
                      slamat mga mommies  :)

hi,i'm looking for a nice,clean and have private rooms lying-in here in santolan pasig.
dis is d first time i'll have an ob in here and i have no idea bout lying-in's in here.
i'm planning to get an ob-gyne at world citi med but i'm still searching if ders lying-in here who's on my standards.
i really dont want to have an ob w/o anyones referal.

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