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Any ideas how much ang breastmilk sa mga breastmilk bank ng mga selected hospitals? I dont have ideas pa kc. Wala akong breastmilk since my baby is 4 mos already and i quitted one wk post delivery, mga sisses and mom ko kase ganun din, walang breastmilk naproduced gaano kahit sobrang gustong gusto nila daw magpabreastmilk.

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: Birthday Preps for May Babies
« on: September 26, 2012, 12:00:09 am »
Momsies! Feeling ko naman its not too early for preparing and everything  :P.  My son's 1st bday din is on May pa but i already set everything in my mind kung ano magiging setup ng bday party niya. Sinulat at na idrawing ko na kase sa organizer ko, although im opened to changes kc dami ko flight of ideas hehe.  :o
Nakapag pa pencil book na ako sa quezon city sports club for may2013. Nagustuhan ko talaga yun place nun nag ocular visit yun sis ko sumama ako for my niece's 7th bday yun sakanya this november2012. Magkaiba kami ng function hall na pinili all of their halls are all competitive parang mga function rooms ng shangrila!^_^ nasa isip ko talagang venue is sa plaza ibarra pero instant change of mind nun nakapasok ako sa qc sports club.

During baby bottle shopping,sales ladies in each brand introduced to me their products so i happened to know most of the bottles,got interested with playtex nurser which fits playtex disposable liners. Its nice to bring it during long trips and outings so u dont need to carry many bottles. You just have to dispose the used liners (plastic made). In each feedings u have to place a new liner in same old bottle. Cool. Im planning to buy one kapag puwede na mag travel with baby ^_^

Im a mom of a 4 mos old. And i still dont know when is the best time to go back at work. I dont know if i can bear leaving my baby to her yaya togther with my mom. I do want to take care of my baby and be with him all day long but i know i need to get back working

Hi. I read about tommee tippee bottles in the web and no idea where to buy those. I cant find them in sm malls and landmark. I used chicco and pigeon at first 2 months, then i bought 4 bottles of dr.browns but still using my old bottles though i prefer dr.browns among them all. Planning to try avent and tommee too. ^_^

My pediatrician suggested that too..breastmilk thinking of that before but hindi ko ngkaroon ng chance to buy.but i will suggest that to my husband. Nag breastfed kase ako sa kanya one week lang then i quit kc wala sya makuha sakin hindi sya nasasatisfy kaya i asked my pedia na what formula milk to introduce,and then everything started na about allergies. If your baby has on and off rashes, its better nga talaga to keep on changing your milk until you find the right one. Aside from puwede mag worsen allergy niya, they are not comfortable din with their rashes, they may feel itchy, hot, although most of the time wala naman pakiramdam, pero yun lang nakakailang na hindi normal baby skin si baby.

Cows milk allergy kc can manifest skin symptoms, just like in your baby kaya may rashes. But not only through skin makikita ang allergies. puwede din sa respiratory and digestive, like ng sa baby ko. At 2 weeks old nagkaroon sya ng malabsorption, sobrang colicky sya, ng rereflux ng milk, and diarrhea. Aside from that may blood streak un poops niya. Ilan beses nga sya stool exam negative naman for infection like amoebiasis, and lumipat lipat nadin ako ng pedia kasi hindi mahanap yun right milk for him, although all 3 pedias think na its a cows milk allergy daw, from enfalac lactose free to nan HA to nutramigen to isomil..lahat nag suffer sya ng diarrhea, 2 months syang ganun hanggang pina try na sakin ng pedia yun last resort daw is yung goat milk nga. DG sya at first, sobrang naging well baby agad sya. Kaya lang it seems nag sawa sya sa lasa kaya un another brand ng goatmilk.ang ginagamit niya ngaun. I googled about goat's milk, sobrang okay sya for babies tummies, kase easy to digest, more protein than cows, it can lessen respiratory symptoms, like colds. Those are the few from many benefits that i have researched ^_^ by d way you can ask your pedia if you can try HYpoallergenic milk first para kay baby before soy milk, matabang daw kasi un kaya siguro hindi magana c baby mo. Nan HA, and other milk with ha, such as s26-HA..dg is good din naman but small can lang meron, it has few stocks in selected stores din, sa mercury lagi out of stock.

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: Amoebasis and Diarrhea
« on: September 23, 2012, 04:21:50 pm »
Your baby can get amoebiasis from improper handling of bottles during milk preparation as well as during sterilization. Suggested by pedia is to boil or sterilize your bottles within 30 minutes medium heat to avoid drying up. Plus when bathing the baby, you should use mineral/distilled/sterile water, from neck and up. Esp when washing baby's face, because amoeba in free or tap water may ingested by babiea during bath time.

If your baby is not sensitive when it comes to changing brands, i think you can try one first, example lactum, if she's doing well with it, she loves drinking it and she improved much more than her old brands, you can continue it because most of the cows milk are almost the same when it comes to nutritional, so maybe the basis here, is, which one your child loves.

Hi mommies. Anyone here tried meyenberg goat milk as infant formula for your babies? My baby has cows milk allergy and soy milk too. He was previously on DG brand php525 in mercury drug but after 2 months he refuses it. Now he's on meyenberg which is more expensive php860 per small can 12oz in landmark. Anyone? Hows your baby doing and what additives you put into his milk since it was not exclusive for infants, toddlers&adults can drink it as well, so  may be not enough calories and nutritions for babies under 1 yr.

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: new born baby powder
« on: September 23, 2012, 03:32:17 pm »
I suggest you use mothercare liquid talc. It transform to powder once applied so no worries. Thats my problem also before since i really wanted to use baby powder on my baby's fold parts and he smells musky when he sweats esp in d afternoon.

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