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Real Parenting / Re: how to discipline a child na palasagot? help!
« on: February 03, 2013, 12:42:27 am »
This is the MAIN reason kung bakit ako nag rejoin ulit - sharing views and sentiments can really help lessen the bewilderment and pain.  :) :'(

First off - I feel for the the auntie's dilemma with her pamangkin. But understandably, the kid is going through a rough time and maybe the child is still coping with the loss of his/her father and the familiar environment he/she grew up in. 8 ba kamo yung bata? At that age, my son, started yelling "I Hate You" many times a day - and I reared him myself. LOL. ;D This situation will take some time. I think na overwhelm lang lahat ng tao - the mom and the kid with the new set up. Ang importante lang maramdaman ng bata na secure sya - na hindi na sya ililipat.

Second - sa ibang mga parents rito na kapwa kong nangangamba sa pagsagot ng kabataan ngayon, I think we have to examine also ourselves and our habits as parents. Paki search na lang yung "How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children", the article from PsychCentral... I just learned a lot from that, hope it can help you guys too.

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