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Author Topic: Alone!  (Read 1836 times)

bony cric

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« on: November 03, 2016, 01:45:50 pm »

Hi all,
It's been 1 years since we got married. My husbandís family was not happy with me, and they were not supportive, only because he was adamant, they accepted our marriage. My mother in law used to torture me all the time and it's been few months that I'm quiet.I didn't say a word to my husband about it. She took advantage of it. One day when I was washing clothes she just pushed me and my hand was fractured. I was feeling very lonely and I don't want to share my problems with my husband about his mother. With my fractured hands I did all the work in the house. She was not liking all the things. My husband used to take me out once in a week and she was very upset with it. One day she asked me to make her favorite pasta for her. But I really didn't knew that it was her play she put some poison into it and had it, and  she blamed me for it. Everyone was just listening to her words,no one even my husband supported me. Then my husband filed a case against me that I didn't domestic violence with my mother in law. Very shocked by hearing the news. I was feeling lonely and one of my friend and advised me not to be depressed rather to defend back to prove that Iím innocent. She said me to hire a lawyer
( )  , so that I can prove myself. Don't know when the problems all gets over. Need your prayers. I hope that everything gets well soon. What should I do to get the love of my life, and to prove to my husband that I am innocent.