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Author Topic: Extra money for a young mother!  (Read 1498 times)

Linda Uots

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Extra money for a young mother!
« on: September 07, 2017, 10:06:20 pm »

Hello to all mothers who are waiting for the birth of their little treasure!
I watched the forum for a long time as a guest and today I decided to register, because it's very interesting here!
At the moment I'm in the sixth month and we will have a boy!
In this thread, I want to share with you one cool extra work, there is nothing complicated in it.
I decided to go to the decree, because work in the office is not impressive during pregnancy, this is difficult for me, besides overfatigue can damage a child's health.

The bottom line is that money is sometimes not enough, besides, my mother is ill for two years with a terrible illness and can not move without help, we have to take care of her.
My cousin lives in Australia, we often communicate with her on Skype, sometimes I call her on my office phone, since I can call from the computer more conveniently. As you know, to call to mobile numbers from Skype, you need to have a certain balance on the Skype account, so I get vouchers in one of these checked out stores -   ;)

My husband works in an IT-company as a website developer and he loves his work very much. Once, he once again went to this very store for a new voucher. He was very surprised that you can buy one voucher and sell it twice to the store owners. We were very amazed by this news!
The cost of a $ 50 voucher is approximately $ 43. That is, her husband spent $ 43, sold twice for $ 30 and the profit turned out $ 17! And that in a few minutes! The main thing is not to do such operations often. I earn this once every 1-3 days, and I also advise you to adhere to this condition.
How it works? The bought voucher looks like this: "SKYPE-82U1-JS8Z-K9DF", we sell it in the same form (on the site there is a special field, insert the voucher code, your Bitcoin number, Payoneer or PayPal and press "check and cell"), check your purse for cash, and then sell again the same voucher, but removing the dash, that is, in this form, "SKYPE82U1JS8ZK9DF" - that's the whole secret.
It's very strange that the site owners have not noticed this for a week.
A big drawback is to note that only Bitcoin is accepted for payment, but it is more convenient for me to pay the PayPal account.
I advise you to hurry and win on this site at least once. Write your questions and feedback, I'll be happy to help!