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Author Topic: Rules on Advertising  (Read 10094 times)

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Rules on Advertising
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:42:04 pm »

Advertising is allowed only in our categorized Marketplace Board.

Click any of the following titles to get you to the category you wish to view or place an offer.

Baby and Kids Section
From strollers to sand boxes, baby clothes to the best bargains, discuss, review, and inquire here.

furniture items and gears
day care, school, tutorial and other services for babies/kids
diapers and nappy needs
toys and play items
feeding, supplements, health needs and feeding accessories

Goods and Services
General items and services for us parents.

Employment and Business Opportinities
Party Needs
Real Estate
Finance Management
Clothing and Accessories
Home Needs
Health and Beauty
Cars, Gadgets and Electronics

Post events and sale announcements here.

Workshops and Seminars
sale, Promos and Freebies
Events, Outreach and Activities
Contests, Membership and Announcements

Posts promoting products and services in regular topics will be deleted. Sharing of good feedback and recommendation is allowed but regular posting of such recommendation is considered advertising.

Details on our forum rules on Advertising can be found here:
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