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Author Topic: no bottle as hospital policy  (Read 2068 times)

Patricia Anne Ledesma

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no bottle as hospital policy
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:44:02 am »

Good day. I would like to share my bad experience regarding no bottle as hospital policy. It was a normal day check up for my 4 month old baby. I was carrying my baby and holding his baby bag. The guard on duty checked my bag and thoroughly inspect it. I do understand that they have the policy of no bottle but it is so discriminating on my part because they treat you as a criminals because of bringing a baby bottle. I tried to breastfeed my baby but my supply is not enough and couldn’t sustain the appetite of my newborn that’s why I need to do this heartbreaking decision to bottle feed my baby. I resist to give my baby’s milk bottle because I prioritise the need of my baby. I hope whoever made this ruling, please be considerate to those moms who tried their best. I respect and salute to all breastfeeding moms out there but please have some consideration to those who can’t breastfeed. This experience is so traumatizing to me.


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