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Author Topic: How to make your baby latch again? I just finished my medication on my Mastitis.  (Read 2118 times)

Noreen Dominique Noble

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Mastitis At Low Milk Supply


I just finished my medication on my Mastitis, sadly, two of my breast got infected one after another, I still kept on breastfeeding my baby on the un infected side that time, until my mom notice that she kept losing weight and she decided to buy her formula milk, I didn't want it but during the time I had my Mastitis my breast stop producing milk because it got so engorge.

Now that I'm done with the antibiotics, I'm now breastfeeding her though she sometimes cry so hard still and we have her take formula I'm already taking fenugreek capsules and eating malunggay but my milk supply isn't as strong as before.

How can I make my baby latch again?

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