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Author Topic: Be part of the Smart Parenting Mom Network. We're looking for brilliant moms.  (Read 3315 times)

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We are looking for moms who love to spread kindness and positive vibes to fellow nanays!

If youíre a mom of a baby, toddler, or child up to 10 years old with at least 1,000 followers on Instagram, upload a 1-minute video of your mommy story on Google Drive or Instagram and send the link plus the info below to with the subject SP MOM NETWORK 2020.

What you need to email:
1 Name
2 Email Address
3 Mobile number
4 Instagram handle/name
5 A photo of your family
6 A link to a video of your mommy story (It can be as simple as a recorded selfie video where you tell us about YOU, whether thatís in English, Tagalog, or Taglish.)

As a member of the SP Mom Network, you will:
*Be featured in the article launching the 2020 batch of SP Mom Network
*Be featured in articles of Smart Parenting
*Be an ambassador of Smart Parenting and attend events on our behalf
*Become a talent in photo and video shoots
*Gain valuable experience as a mommy influencer for Smart Parenting

Deadline for Submission is December 6, 2019 (Friday)
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Hi Smart Parenting Family!

I am Julie Ann but you can call me Jules..
i am a mother of 3 . My daughters are ages 11 and 7 then my unico hijo is 16 months old . At age 19 I married my boyfriend , it was a whirlwind romance we only been dating for 10months then we got married and now were together for 12years and counting! Can you imagine that!😅 it really doesnít matter if long term relationship or whirlwind like ours!

I am stay-at-home-mom and have a free lance work as a researcher, aspiring to be a social media manager and started my passion on blogging april this year. I used to work in an office for 10 years but decided to quit when I got pregnant with our youngest Neal , he is DonDapiJr .. I named my social media accounts after him (dont worry her sisters understand and loves him dearly)

My dream job is to be a mom not because madali ito or lucrative but motherhood gave me a chance to continue learning with my kids and husband, taught me about hard work and gave me an opportunity to serve my loves ones in the most meaningful way.

On being a mommy blogger I like to write things about those perfectly ordinary days and what goes on with a life of a mom like me. I try to be upfront about the images I post and really work hard on everything I create. Tho I am not perfect but i am always hungry for learning 😊

I want to be part of Your Mommy Network because I know I will learn a lot from other mommies . Also I would love to meet and have a circle of mommy friends and possibly share something that I have too!

I already sent my video application via email. 😊

Have a great day Smart Parenting Family!

Julie Ann Dapol