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Author Topic: Family Technology Time  (Read 2391 times)

Mommy France

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Family Technology Time
« on: August 10, 2012, 08:30:16 am »

I got this idea from a manager here at the office. She was sharing with us a how she's able to manage her kids' time at using the computer, gadgets and the TV. She calls this technology time.

Yung main concern kasi niya was both her husband and her work full-time sa office and she feels her kids needs to build a good foundation in not spending too much time using gadgets at para sila rin ng husband niya would focus on their kids when they got home instead of playing with their "toys".

So in a day, she only allows her kids an hour. Pwedeng manghiram  sa kapatid in case di magamit ng kapatid at kapag weekend at summer, dinadagdagan naman yung hours.

Sa totoo lang, na-share ko na to sa husband ko. Then kagabi, since 3 araw ng walang pasok yung anak namen, super babad kakalaro ng iphone. I know it helps pero mas nakakatuwa kasi yung nag-ro-role play siya. Nakakatuwa yung pag nakikita ko siya playing the way we did when we were younger.

Yes, nakakainip minsan lalo na pag nagsawa na siya sa toys niya and mas tahimik kasi siya kapag yung iphone yung hawak niya kaya minsan na te-tempt akong ibigay na lang yun para di siya masyadong maingay. Pero i control myself kasi ang self-serving.

Kayo, how long do you allow your kids to play with gadgets, computers? Gaano katagal sila magbabad sa TV?

My son spends the whole afternoon sa TV pagkagising niya from his nap. mga 4 hours yun then more kapag umuwi na kami ng husband ko from work and manood ng more TV.

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Re: Family Technology Time
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2012, 05:59:10 pm »

My daughter watches educational dvds for at least 2 hours. She likes mickey mouse clubhouse and your baby can read. But i let her watch the toy story series since she likes it so much and i think she can learn something from the movie as well.

Pag sa ipad naman, i let her play with it pag nagwawala na siya in public. Kasi sometimes she gets bored when i do errands so yun yung pang aliw ko sa kaniya. I dont let her play with it pag nasa house kasi worried ako baka lumabo agad eyes niya. So pag kailangan lang talaga, dun ko lang binibigay sa kanya yung ipad.

What i love about my daughter is that she plays with others toys too. She pretends that shes cooking or grocery shopping. So may role playing pa din kahit na may 'technology time' siya.

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Re: Family Technology Time
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2013, 09:48:01 pm »

Ngayong bakasyon, I still tutor my kid. HIndi pwedeng laro ng computer gadget nang hindi tapos study time. Minsan tumatawag siya na iksian ko daw study time namin para makalaro siya. Sabi ko kung sandali lang ang aral namin, sandali lang din siya pwedeng maglaro.
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