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Author Topic: Money Matters Board description and directory;Guidelines in starting a new topic  (Read 10669 times)

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Money Matters is a board where financial topics related to parenting are discussed. This include problems, tips and informations for a single parent and couples on savings, loans, budgeting, handling expenses, financial planning, insurance, banking, salaries, etc.

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Please note that advertising is allowed but with restrictions. For those in the business related to topics here, please view SP Forum rules in advertising to avoid getting a reminder for any violation.

Topics about business offers, sidelines, employment, work-at-home, job hunting and the likes must be posted and discussed in the Marketplace board.

This directory is created to minimize multiple topics in the Money Matters board. Please join existing topics to get more views and replies. To search for a name of a financial institution, public or private loan agency, saver plans, product or business feedback and recommendation, type a keyword on the forum search box on the header of the Money Matters Board. If you wish to find a topic beyond this board, use the Search feature at the main menu.

Below are hot topics you can view and join under this board. Please note that URLs of topics may change and may be used as a keyword for your search. Should the topic of your concern is not searchable in any board or if you want to share your insight on a product not discussed yet, you may then start a new topic.

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