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Author Topic: Starting a Topic  (Read 5042 times)

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Starting a Topic
« on: October 16, 2017, 08:53:56 pm »

Common topics on parenting are already being discussed in this forum. Before starting a topic, please use the site's search function to check if the topic you want to start already exist.
We encourage members to join existing topics to get more views and replies on their your post. If your idea for a topic is relatively new and a personal one, the do these steps after logging in to the forum.

1) Go to the proper board where you want to post your topic.
2) Click "NEW TOPIC" on top of the topics list

3) Post a specific topic title on the "Subject:" box like "How to deal with my spouse's bad habit" or "is Ibuprofen OK for my 6yo child with 39C temp.?". Non-specific titles like "help", "I need your opinion" or "What should I do?" are not allowed. Specifying your concern on your topic title will get the interest of members who shares the same interest and get feedback from experts on such field.

4) Type your message on the reply box and click Preview to check your post before finally posting it by clicking Post.
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