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Author Topic: How to raise a Teenager with ASD  (Read 4512 times)


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How to raise a Teenager with ASD
« on: July 24, 2013, 12:50:33 pm »


My son will be turning 13 end of this month.  He has mild ASD.

Anyone has any advise on how to raise a teenager with mild ASD?  I understand that kids under the autism umbrella have emotions, but do they know about "love" or "crushes"?  My son currently has a "crush" (he calls it "love") daw..  She's his classmate.  He wants to "call" her up and say good night daw, and tries to send her text messages (I have a spare one he can use, but the SIM has to be re-activated). I think he got her number from another classmate of his... not sure if it was "given" to him or if he asked for it...