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Author Topic: Leaving your infant for a trip  (Read 1976 times)

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Leaving your infant for a trip
« on: January 11, 2019, 02:19:30 pm »

First time parent here.

Before my baby was born, my husband and I booked a 10-day trip to Australia to attend my best friend's wedding this coming March, thinking that we could leave our son (who will be 4 months old by then) with my mother-in-law (who's very much willing and able).

Now I am having second thoughts. I know full well that my baby will be in great hands with my mother-in-law. However, I am feeling mommy guilt as well as shame from my own mother who is convinced that if I leave the baby, even with an able caregiver, my baby will feel sad and abandoned.

My baby will be 4 months by then. He's eaten nothing but my own breastmilk and I plan to do that until he's 6 months old. That's why I'm building my stash as early as now to make sure they bottle feed my milk for my baby.

How much breastmilk should I prepare? And will leaving my baby with my mother-in-law cause any psychological damage to my baby in the future? Or should I just take my baby with me instead?