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Author Topic: Dealing with a very reserved 12 year old Son  (Read 5256 times)


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Dealing with a very reserved 12 year old Son
« on: June 30, 2012, 10:19:04 am »

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Hi dear parents. I have a problem dealing with my 12 y/o Son who is in HS now. He is a very reserved, quiet boy...He rather stay on the computer rather than to go out and mingle outside. Whenever i ask him a question..he will just reply, " Ewan ko"..." Di ko alam"...or i will just get a nod...He cannot even stand on his own feet yet...para pa din syang dapat spoon fed pa will i deal with my Son. i want to make him a tweener rather than a baby..

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Re: Dealing with a very reserved 12 year old Son
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2013, 06:07:25 am »

speaking from experience, not as a mom but as a painfully shy tweener, you have to push him to socialize kahit sa una it may seem cruel na pilitin siya sa ayaw niyang gawin but it will help his confidence in the end. limit his computer time,kapag nainip yan la na siya choice kundi makipag interact di ba. make him join extracurricular activities especially during summer things like theater para ma expose. son ko nga has two left feet pero enroll ko nga dance lessons and nope his dancing did not improve much but he did gain a lot of confidence sa pagharap sa tao, the mere fact na hindi siya nahiya na mag isa lang siya sa stage is a big accomplishment. get to know your neighbors with same age kids, dai talaga the only friends I had were those sons and daughters ng friends ng parents, pitiful pero at atleast it's a start and it might evolve from there.