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Author Topic: mouthworks (your say on or*l sex)  (Read 97522 times)


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Re: mouthworks (your say on or*l sex)
« Reply #195 on: February 17, 2016, 12:26:59 pm »


Medyo gender biased yata ang title nitong thread.  Pag kaming mga lalaki, it's more of using the tongue.

I love doing it.  For me, it's extended kissing...a physical, sexual expression...when I could let her fully experience all my gentleness, my passion, my adoration.  Sometimes it's all that we do.  After a shower, she would just lie on the bed and I kiss her all over.

Actually, I've been telling her that she doesn't need any preparation...kahit di siya magwash o magshower.  I tell her that I love the natural scent of her skin...even with sweat.  I would love to kiss her whole being...body, mind, soul, spirit.  I would always build up her confidence with herself, particularly with her body, and especially during such intimate moments.

She would feel a sense of complete freedom, so she opens herself completely to me, and lets go of herself as she experiences full body orgasms and female ejaculations (squirting).  I am the one who swallows.  When she comes kasi, I must reduce the stimulation, let her contract, allow the spasms and all I could do is open my mouth and consume all of her.  Then I go up so I could be face to face with her, kiss her on the forehead and embrace her, assuring her that I am there with her and everything is alright.  And she knows that she can have more.  Minimum yata lagi eh 3 to 5 mulitple orgasms per round.

She's asked me a couple of times na kung bakit ko daw alam kung paano gawin sa kaniya yun at napaka-intense.  Virgin kasi ako when we met (I was 24 years old) and she was my first kiss and in everything.  I always tell her the truth.  I am a passionate man and I was very much in touch with my sexuality when we met.  I prepared for the day that we will meet by reading and watching videos that made me fully informed and ready.

She also tells me how she wishes she could tell about her experience to other women (So, I know and understand how some of you here feel about sharing in this topic.)

Anyway, I am leveling up my skills now.  I am reading a book about giving better oral sex to her.  It's written by a male author who has a PhD. in Sexology.

The book clearly defined and discussed everything and more about this art of giving Cunnilingus.  It even suggests that it can go beyond foreplay...redefining it and  become "coreplay"...which means that it could be more than just stimulation...that it can replace the traditional sexual act in its entirety.  It's because Science and research tells us that the woman's Clitoris is primarily for sexual pleasure and it has no other function than that. Most of us are only aware of its visible part so we think of it as small.  It is really an entire organ in itself, with most of its parts lying just beneath skin and tissues.  It includes the G-Spot, as well as the Vulva, the outer lips and the inner lips.  A woman's Clitoris is about twice as sensitive as a man's Penis.  The Vagina is much less sensitive and is more intended for having a baby.  This could also help us understand why there are many women who confess that they could not reach orgasm.

After reading the book, even young people, particularly single women could reconsider when they think and decide whether to wait for the right time or beginning to engage in sex before marriage.  There's so much more reason now to wait...when your man will love you and commit himself wholly to you in marriage.  A lot of people now are poisoned and misinformed by pornography and popular culture.

I am willing to share more information about this topic and details about the book.  You may send me private messages or emails. 

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Re: mouthworks (your say on or*l sex)
« Reply #196 on: April 28, 2016, 09:16:24 pm »

Haven't tried yet.. Hahah... Pero gusto namin itry ni hubby once he arrive here in Pinas... Working abroad kc sya.. Hirap LDR
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