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Author Topic: Anxiety on Moving Out From In-laws  (Read 9029 times)


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Anxiety on Moving Out From In-laws
« on: August 15, 2015, 10:35:29 am »

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It’s been 5years(whoa ang tagal na pala) since we started living with my in-laws temporarily. I was really against it at first, but I’d like to think that we had no choice back then with the back-to-back loan we got since everything was unplanned, from one baby to another(hindi natuto). Then we made it official by tying the knot, and this year, our eldest started schooling. Within those span of time, I learned to be indifferent in a certain level and practiced selective hearing otherwise, I could get depression. There’s MIL(nagger but caring, manipulator), Lola(never fails to make disparaging remarks about MIL ughh negative vibes), BIL(high school: young, wild, free, in short-sakit sa ulo), then us. Only Hubby and I are working, but MIL et al gets monthly allowance from SIL(resides abroad). MIL gets the bulk of course, and frankly I don’t care how she spends it because it’s hers. We take care of the electric bill(5k for a small house), while the rest  of the bills is paid by SIL. Now that we’re about to finish paying our huge loan, I told hubby that it’s about time we move out and he just nodded. I know that MIL will not approve of us leaving and I’m afraid she will nag hubby to stay for many reasons 1)so there’s a man in the house, 2)so someone can help discipline his brother(extremely spoiled by the Lola), 3)so we can save(did not and will not happen in that house), and so forth. If we ever manage to leave, I can just imagine her always calling hubby and bringing him bad news from home(so bad she can get nervous breakdown according to her) so he will be prompted to go back. How can I say so? Because it happened 5years ago when I was pregnant with our first born and we were living on our own. I’m preparing myself and dreading “the talk” with MIL/SIL, but I think when that happens, I’ll shut down. My fingers are crossed (including legs, thighs, eyes, everything!) that hubby will not be swayed.

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