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Author Topic: Loving more than 1  (Read 2626 times)


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Loving more than 1
« on: April 05, 2016, 10:15:04 am »

Good day! This is for the men and women both, (husbands, wives, single parents, etc). I'm just a newbie here and was just wondering what your thoughts are on loving more than one person in a relationship.

Is it acceptable that one who is committed to someone is in love with someone else as well? Or it may be that that person is in 2 relationships at the same time (but at this point, most people would call it cheating), or it may be that that person is in a "forced" relationship but still love someone else. And he doesn't really love the person they're with at first but then the relationship develops, thereby, affecting the relationship of that with the 3rd party whom he truly loves?

I know that in cases like these, there are many sides to the story. What's the best way to solve or how to approach such cases without jeopardizing other relationships? Although I know that in one way or another, at least someone will really get hurt in the process. And that the most logical thing would be that the 3rd party leaves but what if the middle man/woman doesn't want the other party to leave? Can you blame the 3rd party? And what if there is true love in both ties? And what about the "first partner", jealousy comes into play but would you accept your partner if you find them engaged in a polygamous relationship? What are the limitations and restrictions? And when does "enough become enough"?

I could think of so many other scenarios and cases, at this point, and I know it's messed up. haha I'm not encouraging cheating or any infidelity whatsoever, please don't bash me. :( haha But Im just curious as to what society says about it nowadays. :)

Thank you and have a great one! :)

michelle cruz

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Re: Loving more than 1
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2017, 02:49:52 pm »

iha, it is NOT possible. i know na ang daming scenarios, still paikot-ikutin mo man, you cant love 2 persons at the same time unless you are selfish and you want to have it all.