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Author Topic: soap for baby  (Read 153617 times)

Kleia Paluca

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Re: soap for baby
« Reply #270 on: October 19, 2017, 08:30:44 pm »

Hi, mommies!

I'd just like to share my experience using different soaps on my little one. We used to use J&J since it was an affordable option, and since the company is large, we thought their products would, of course, be better. Although my son's skin was still soft to the touch using J&J, I did notice it was a little dry... and since I'm not very comfortable using lotion on my baby, I wanted to find another soap that had better moisturizing properties.

From birth until about 5 months, my son was using J&J products. I then switched to Cetaphil for Baby and I haven't looked back since.

By the way, I already tried the J&J milk bath, their oat & milk version, and their rice & milk one. They were all good but personally, I do find that Cetaphil for Baby (or CfB for short) worked best for my son. I know it's expensive compared to J&J products but I considered it an investment since I am happy with how the CfB wash took care of my baby's skin.

I enjoyed reading the experiences of other moms here with different soaps though. I have to admit that I'm not even familiar with some of the brands being mentioned. I may give them a try on my son soon, too  ;D
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