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Author Topic: Having a hard time breastfeeding! :(  (Read 15662 times)


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Having a hard time breastfeeding! :(
« on: March 19, 2015, 07:27:47 pm »

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Hi mommies!

I'm new here, just wanted to have "karamay", Hahaha ;D

Well anyway, I gave birth to my very handsome baby boy on November last year. And I breastfed because it was more healthy for my baby, plus it's free!  ;) When I took him home, he was crying all day, wala talaga akong pahinga. Tuwing gising sya, iyak ng iyak. He also farted often. And I knew something was really wrong. I went to the hospital and the nurses told me I had flat nipples.  :-[ Kaya pala iyak ng iyak. Baby could latch but from time to time he would let go and cry. Being new to this, I really had no idea. And maybe the farts came from all the air he took in? Maybe?  ??? So I survived breastfeeding for 1 week. But the day came na, super sakit na talaga ng nipples ko, it was bleeding na. Huhuhu  :'( And my OB advised me to just pump my milk out. Super sakit at matigas na rin ng breasts ko nun.  :'(

And from there, I began pumping my milk and bottle feeding it to my baby. It's almost 4 months na doing this. Sometimes I was forced to buy a box of formula in the market because being stressed causes milk to like not come out? Poor me, poor baby  :'( But I still try as hard as I can just to give him the best breast milk as I could.

Two days ago, I was watching Youtube. I saw a video where-in a Mom with flat nipples like me breastfed her baby  :o She was using Nipple Shields! And I researched reviews about this, all I saw was five stars! So I thought this could be the key to my breastfeeding problems! I then ordered online, the best nipple shield there is! MEDELA!  Tried it on my baby, then guess what??? He wouldn't accept them  :( forcing me to pump.... Huhuhu. Sayang lang binili ko! Mahal pa naman  :(

BTW, I'm using a manual pump, that's why I'm having such a hard time. And I can't give him formula all the way cause the fact that breast milk is better for my baby, I also have no job and is relying on my mother for support. Basta, to cut it short, wala kaming pera. hahaha  ;D My boyfriend's family is also having a hard time themselves, baon sa utang!  :-\

Anyway, yan lang po. I don't know why I'm posting this, maybe because I wanted to share my experience? LOL  ;)

Also if there's anyone how wants to buy this Medela Nipple Shield, just tell me, used it only once. Promise!

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Ria Sam

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Re: Having a hard time breastfeeding! :(
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2015, 11:17:42 pm »

just in case sis gusto mo parin mag BF,try dropping by for breastfeeding resources like this:


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Re: Having a hard time breastfeeding! :(
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2015, 06:26:42 pm »

Hmmmm...have you tried yung Nipple Puller? Parang may nabasa akong ganun eh although I haven't used or seen one. Pigeon yata brand nun. Ask mo na lang sa mga department stores infants section. Kawawa nga si baby. =( Pwede siguro mag express ka na nga lang milk.


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Re: Having a hard time breastfeeding! :(
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2019, 09:26:51 pm »

well im not breastfeeding right now since my daughter is already 8 , but i can give a lot of tips since i have breast fed her for 3 years and a half. first you body must be really prepared since you'll be feeding your baby with your milk, healthy diet, vitamins  is all you need and lots of fluids...from water to sabaw to malunggay everything that helps you produce tons of milk, you need it..i suggest for working moms to try putting their milk on a bottle as early as possible coz thats the part where my problem starts, well its just on my case..since im a stay at home mom, i exclusive breast fed my baby, i didnt think that it will matter since im just at home the struggle is when we are going out, even if i pump my milk and put it on the bottle my daughter will not drink it, she hates feeding bottles, ive tried all the brand from the cheapest to the most expensive brand name it , i've bought it all but she still refuse to drink from the bottle..she just want my boobies  pros is when the babies woke up at night you dont need to get up and prepare a mix coz you just put your breast out and your good to go and still breast milk is really the best for babies
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