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Author Topic: Couch potato tween girl  (Read 3011 times)

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Couch potato tween girl
« on: September 15, 2015, 02:20:41 am »

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Hi mommies. I have an 11 y.o daughter. She's on 6th grade now and graduating na sya. Question is kasi she joined the school varsity. Before she joined the varsity, their 1st periodical came and to my surprise, her grades on her exmas are way off than what we expected and planned. An gusto ko kasi is magtry kami magapply sa science high school. And science HS has a requirea average for u to apply. We're working on that beforeshe went on to 6th grade. Kaso eto nga, bagsak lahat ng grades niya sa periodical for 1st quarter. Sabi ko wala na amg plano namin sirang sira na. She doesnt study on her own, she doesnt read the books, she only does what i asked her to do. She wont do things on her own will. Tinakot ko p nga na i will pull her out from her team kapag di sya nagayos. Pero by the looks of it, parang balewala lang sa kanya. I dont know what else to do with her. To add up to this, she lies. And for all those instances, we try to talk to her. Try to let her understand why we don't like what she did, why she did that, what she can do about it, and eventually she would tell us that she'll never do it agaun, but she always does. Paano ba mganadang gawin para malessen and eventually di na niya gawin ang paglie at di sya maging couch potato or tamad at all times all instances? Thanks and i hope i get suggestions please.. 

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