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Author Topic: help! My 10 yr old is getting money from me without me knowing  (Read 5429 times)


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help! My 10 yr old is getting money from me without me knowing
« on: November 21, 2014, 07:13:48 am »

I need all the advice i could get. Please help me out. I learned yesterday that it was my 10 yr old girl who gets the money from my wallet. I have been losing money and dont know what happened to it, till last night i asked her. kakakulit and prodding ko umamin sya. It broke my being into pieces. She started with 20`s then 100`s then 600 then last was 1000! I asked her why? She said, so she could have friends . I told her you can`t buy friends. She said lagi daw sya iniiwan. I told her that people likes other people because they are nice, helpful kind , if you think you will have friends because you have money, these are not true friends they just go to you bec they can have something. My husband talked to her too. I am not sure if we went through her. After the talk with her dad she went up and i heard her singing...PLEASE help.....What should we do pa? why did this happen? :'(

thank you,



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Re: help! My 10 yr old is getting money from me without me knowing
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2014, 10:40:23 pm »

hi sis!
that is so sad to hear. if i will be in a situation like yours, what i will do is to check on my daughter by going sa school nila. I will not let her know na pupunta ako sa school. siguro, gagawin ko, magtatanong ako sa teachers niya,without me telling or divulging to them about my problem with my daughter.i will ask the teachers sino ba mga set of friends niya,sino palagi niya kasama at kung may napapansin sila na nagbago sa anak ko.

talk to her once more,once is not enough.cite examples of friendships.maybe you have friends na pwede mo gawing sample sa kanya.kwento mo how your friendship w/them formed.
I may not be an authority to advise you.but this is merely my opinion.when i read kasi what you shared, i was bothered.kasi i have a 10 yr. old son too.and fortunately, he is such a sweet and responsible kid.

i suggest sis, na you keep your wallet muna in a secure place/storage.mahirap din kasi na within your daughter's reach, ngayon kasi na alam mo na ang sitwasyon bakit ka nawawalan ng pera, mas better na nakaligpit si wallet.para naman,hindi ma-access agad ni daughter.iniiwasan natin dito na ma-tempt ulit siya na gawin yun.

am sorry,but if its okay to ask, nag-sorry ba siya sa inyo?

hope this helps,kahit konti lang.

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