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Author Topic: moving on from a shortlived rendezvous.....(the rightful thing to do)  (Read 2491 times)


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Hi to all mommies out there,,,,im a newbie here,,,just wanted to share my story from which ive learned a lot,,,,the hard way,,,the painful manner,,,,,,
First of all i wanted to apologize to all wives and mommies out here,,,,,for one reason or another i feel the need to do this,,,,it seemed like i stepped on someone's backyard without permission,,,,but now i moved slowly out from it,,,
My story goes way back last June,,,when this person started to text me,,,,,all along i thought he did it out of boredom,,,,tired of his daily work schdule in his construction supply business,,,,i didnt mind it because i too being just at home thought of it as an activity to let time pass by quickly,,,that first instance of texting took most of our day until the closing of his store,,,,which he by the way owns,,,,it was day o casual exchange of sms,,,,although the famil has been his customer way back 2010 it was only this intance that we really had the chance to get to know each other thru this sms in,,,,,that particular scenario became a regular thing in our daily lives,,,,,purely texting but there were a number of times he came to the house in the morning before he goes to his store,,,,but those visits didnt take very long,,,the longest he would stay is about 20-30mins,,,,
So to cut it short,,,i think i got myself involve in a texting relationship with him,,,unintentionally lettin myslef be attached to it,,,,yes i admit,,,his contact texting led me to bcome an easy prey to him,,,with him knowing how vulnerable i am,,,,,he made his advances towards me in those visits,,,,and the last we had,,,very recently we were unprotected,,,,and iwasnt sure if i was safe then,,,,,now awaiting if ill ever have my period come this 3rd week of sept,,,,keeping my fringers crossed that i will have it,,,,,
His wife jst gave birth a few days ago ,,.,and he jst entered the world of fatherhood being his first born,,,,i am hurting,,,i am in pain,,,but i know i caused all o this,,,,i cannot blame hiim for letting me take those pills that will prevent me from conceiving i,,,,because as h said i cannot be pregnant,,,,right now im jst counting the days till my scheduled period....
A lot of wives and mommies out there i know mayb cursig me,,,,calling me names,,,,i understand whatever sentiments anger hatred you may have for the kind of person i have become,,,,,,this is. not the normal me ,,,i lost myself in this guy,,,,but i eant to move on an do what is right,,,,i finally realize he is not what i perceived him to be,,,,,,,but i thank him still for the things i learned and realized through this hard way,,,,,i  i got to know myself better,,,
I am hoping that our paths will never cross anymore,,,,,


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Re: moving on from a shortlived rendezvous.....(the rightful thing to do)
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2015, 11:20:37 pm »

Hi there, as an adult you know what is right and what is wrong. You made a choice and I hope you learned a lesson from it and never to commit that same mistake again. Because you might someday get married and you don't want that to happen to you with your future hubby. Anyway, let me share here with you a site I have been using to track my ovulation period and I hope it could also help you know your safe days.