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Author Topic: Daycare in Makati --Recommended  (Read 3265 times)


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Daycare in Makati --Recommended
« on: April 09, 2016, 01:00:48 pm »

Hi Mommies!!!

I'm so happy to share there's finally a good daycare in Makati!!!  ---- Colors and Shapes Daycare and Learning Center. It is located in front of Greenbelt 5 Mall along Legazpi Street. It is being managed and ran by professionals/teachers and moms like us. It is great for both parents who are working..  Just leave your child in the morning then pick them up after work..

I have been looking for a trust worthy yaya for a long time and they are hard to come by nowadays  :(  Gone are the days where you can leave your child at home with a yaya and not be scared or worried if the yaya is treating your child right and if they are doing child friendly activities...  When we're not around, most yayas do now are just text and call!! They just let our child watch TV and play with gadgets so they can freely do what they want! Urrrggggg! It's so frustrating!  >:(

Oh well, I'm so glad I found Colors and Shapes.. You might want to check it out!  They also have regular classes and summer classes too!  You need to call ahead to check schedules.

Here are the details:

Colors and Shapes Daycare and Learning Center
Unit G8, Prince Plaza 1 Condominium, Legazpi St., Legaspi Village, Makati

Thank you and I hope I get to help more mommies!  ;D