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Author Topic: Call Center Working Moms  (Read 176326 times)


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Re: Call Center Working Moms
« Reply #450 on: May 25, 2015, 03:25:55 pm »

Hi!  I have worked in a call center before, Aegis People Support. My son was too young then.  I used to come home from work around 7am and my son would be already awake.  I couldn't bear myself to go to sleep because I have missed him so much.  So I played with him, fed, bathed him; mommy duties. So in other words,  I slept for a maximum of 3 hours everyday ONLY.  I lost a lot of weight because I didn't eat well because I would rather sleep. 

I know the dilemmas of balancing work and mommy/family life.  It's very challenging.  The mommy guilt factor frequently seeps in.  That is why my family and I decided to put up a daycare.  The daycare's mission is to watch over a child while their mom and/or dad is away from work.  It's sooo hard to look for a yaya nowadays.  And believe me, I have heard a lot of cringe worthy, horror stories of yayas who neglect and mistreat children. 

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Re: Call Center Working Moms
« Reply #451 on: June 03, 2015, 01:36:35 pm »

Any info about Teleperformance?

Benefits and Incentives
Stress level of work
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