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  • 10 Educational Toys for Kids This Christmas

    Looking for something fun and educational for your inaanak this holiday season?
10 Educational Toys for Kids This Christmas
  • The best thing about being a ninang or ninong is that you have an excuse to go shopping every time the holiday season rolls around. And the most exciting thing about shopping for inaanak? You're always faced with the challenge of getting them something fun and educational at the same time.

    We've picked out the most in-demand educational toys perfect for young inaanak:


    BRU 2-in-1 Baby Walker

    As your inaanak learns to walk on his own, he will surely have fun getting help from this push-along walker and bike.


    BRU 5-in-1 Tower Challenge

    Toddlers can get started on developing their motor skills with this colorful tower challenge: insert the shapes and watch them slide through.


    BRU Activity Cube


    Anything colorful that little hands can touch, twist, and move is always a delight for young explorers.


    Universe of Imagination Dough Activity Table

    Allow young imaginative minds to soar as you gift them with the tools to create shapes and things with their own hands.


    Edu Science Microscope

    Start them early on their journey to discovery by allowing them to look at things through their own microscope.


    Pavilion Snakes and Ladders

    Your all-time favorite board game now comes with a twist—you need to literally race to the top of this multi-level pavilion.


    Universe of Imagination Blocks

    Give a child a variety of blocks in all shapes and sizes and watch what wonders they can create!


    Universe of Imagination Deluxe Dough Food Set

    Let your child's imagination roam with this dough set that he can turn to anything he can think of.


    Edu Science Electro challenge

    Complete with a flying disk, bubble science, shooting game, and a challenging maze, this toy can help your child understand how things work. It can help his hand-eye coordination, too!


    BRU Stacking Cups

    These colorful cups with characters at the bottom are more than just eye candy—they allow toddlers to recognize and sort various colors and shapes.  

    Find all these educational toys—and get more gift ideas for your inaanak—exclusively at Toys “R” Us. Get to know the hottest holiday deals here.


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