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Sana All! This Country Gives Both Parents 160 Days Of Maternity Leave Each!
  • Scandinavian countries are known for giving long and extended maternity and paternity leaves, and just recently, Finland finally implemented their revised parental leave.

    For the first time, both mothers and fathers are entitled to parental leave of the same length. Finland’s new family leave policy took effect on August 1, 2022. In the new policy, each parent will receive childcare allowance for 160 days, which adds up to almost a year.

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    For mothers, there is additional maternity leave for the weeks leading to childbirth until recovery. Adding up everything, Finnish parents can spend 14 months with their baby.

    Yes, that’s right! That is one full year with a newborn up until the child’s first birthday!

    The policy also allows a transfer of up to 63 reference days to either parents and/or caregivers. “The reform is an investment in families with children that takes into account the different types of families. It will help us on the road to a more socially sustainable society,” Finland’s Minister of Social Affairs Hanna Sarkinnen said.

    The revised law aims to provide an equal opportunity for both parents to take care of their newborn child. This eases the burden of newborn care to mothers alone and somehow shares the duty and journey to fathers.

    Paternity Leave in the Philippines

    Currently, the Philippine law mandates seven (7) paid days to new fathers given that they are married to their partners and they are living under one roof. The paternity leave is also up until the fourth child only. This was enacted through Republic Act 8187, or the Paternity Act of 1996.


    In 2019, this was improved through Republic Act 11210 known as the 105-day Expanded Maternity Leave Law. It extended the previous maternity leave of 60 days to 105 days. In RA 11210 Section 6, a father can have extended paternity leave provided that his wife will transfer seven (7) days from her maternity leave to his partner.

    Tip for maximizing paternity leave: Take on most newborn duties while mama recovers.

    Even though paternity leave here in the Philippines is already recently improved, fourteen (14) days is still relatively short.

    Aside from taking care of a newborn child, fathers are expected to take care of their wives after giving birth. His presence, support and love during the postpartum period is crucial to both the mother and child’s well-being. It can be overwhelming for dads to still do these things while he is expected to go back to work after fourteen days.

    How dads can make the most out of paternity leave

    Even though the paternity leave here in the Philippines is short, Dads can still enjoy this time. Here’s a few tips on how to maximize paternity leave:

    1. Take on most newborn duties.

    Newborns are mostly on sleep-feed-poop routine, and while a Dad can’t breastfeed, doing the other chores can build his relationship with his child. Fourteen days of paternity leave will definitely add up to almost a hundred diaper changes, washing lots of vomit-filled clothes (sometimes not just vomit), delivering midnight snacks to the breastfeeding wife, putting the baby to sleep, etc.

    2. Take lots of pictures.

    Although newborn days also mean the house is chaotic and messy, take lots of pictures. These are special days worth remembering one day - baby’s first bath, the first smile, your wife who fell asleep while breastfeeding, the heaps of laundry. Also, children grow up fast, it’s always safe to save lots of their newborn photos.

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    3. Enjoy the time with your family.

    As overwhelming as it may seem, a child’s birth is also a signal that your family got an additional member. Even if there are tons of different things to do, don’t forget to enjoy the time with your family. Eat meals together, even if it’s instant because you don’t have time to cook. Talk to each other, to your wife, to your baby. Enjoy the simple and mundane things with your family.

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    However short or long it may be, any time spent with love is quality time spent. Enjoy paternity leave, Dads!


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