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  • 3 Weird and Totally Normal Baby Tummy Facts

    Have you noticed any of these on your little one?
  • For moms, especially first-timers, it's quite difficult not to worry about everything concerning your child. All those little sounds he makes and the things you see on his body just seem weird and unusual. How often should he burp? Are the gurgling sounds okay? Why does his tummy seem so big? When should you be worried?

    Whether you have just noticed your baby's rounder-than-usual tummy, or if it occurs occasionally, here are three tummy-related tidbits that may enlighten you on your baby's or toddler's tummy conditions.

    Baby's tummy orientation shifts from horizontal to vertical.

    In their book "Children and Their Families: The Continuum of Care," authors Vicky R. Bowden and Cindy Smith Greenberg explains that it takes about two years before your little one's tummy gradually shifts its orientation from horizontal (hence that certain plumpness or bloated shape) during infancy to vertical, upright position.

    Milk switch and potty training could cause belly bloating and constipation

    According to Dr. Ari Brown, co-author of "Toddler 411" and Parents advisor, belly bloating may be brought about by factors such as potty training and switching from formula or breast milk to cow's milk. It takes time for little tummies to adjust to these changes, affecting their bowel movements and resulting in frequent passing of gas, both of which usually manifest in swollen tummies.

    Little tummies noticeably expand (to up to 40 per cent!) during feeding time

    When breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it is usual to focus on latching or in making sure our little one is ingesting his fill of sustenance that we tend to overlook the bottom part: baby's belly. This part of his body naturally distends as he feeds on milk. As such, it is important to make sure that babies are at their most comfortable during feeding time, including providing him with a diaper that would not constrict his expanding tummy.

    Huggies Dry Pants 360º Comfort Fit has an all-around garterized waistband and leg elastics that ensure proper fit, be it during feeding time or play time. The diaper will stay in place and won't cause discomfort to your little one.

    The next time you notice your baby's expanding belly, take comfort in the fact that this is most likely normal. With expert advice (turn to your pedia if symptoms persist) and right products, bringing up baby and peace of mind could very well go hand in hand.

    Got any weird baby tummy experience? Share them here!


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