4 Signs Your Newborn Is Not Hiyang To His Diaper

You have to choose the one that's best for your newborn.

To be a mom is to be a segurista. You can't afford not to be—after all, every choice you make has a direct effect on your baby's comfort and well-being.

The same is true about the diapers your child wears. Since he'll be wearing them pretty much round the clock, he has to be hiyang with the brand you choose. If you're seeing these signs, however, it might be time to test out a new brand.

He keeps waking up at night

Babies wake up at night for a wide variety of reasons—the room is too hot or cold, he's running a fever, he may be teething, etc. But if your baby's sleep is constantly disturbed by wettings, the problem might be the diaper he's using. Ideally, a good diaper will effectively absorb wettings throughout the night, allowing your baby to get the ample sleep his growing body needs. But if your current diaper brand can't provide the nighttime protection your child needs, start looking for other options.

It doesn't fit right

Much like clothes, diapers also come in different styles and materials. As a result, some will conform better to your baby's body better than others. For instance, some diapers are made of softer material which lend them a more natural fit, while others are made of stiffer ones that leave small gaps. Aside from being less flattering, an ill-fitting diaper is also more prone to leakage.

There are red marks around baby's legs

Did you know that babies can grow by up to one inch per month? Before you know it, your baby has outgrown his diaper size. A tell-tale sign that it's time to size up are red marks around the legs, which indicate that his legs are getting pinched by the diaper. Take a look at the diaper's waistline as well. A well-fitting diaper will have a waistline that's about one inch below a baby's navel. Any lower than that, and it's already too small. 

He's developing rashes

While disposable diapers are a great convenience, some infants can be allergic to them. Your baby's sensitive skin can have an adverse reaction to the absorbent gel, the scents and dyes used, as well as the material of the diaper itself. A diaper allergy will often manifest as a red and slightly swollen rash in the diaper area. Try switching out diaper brands to see if it will alleviate symptoms. If the rashes persist, visit your baby's pediatrician as soon as possible.

So how do you make sure your child is hiyang to his diaper?

Make sure you try diaper brands that adjust to exactly what your child needs. You can try the new Pampers Premium Care, which recently received's Best for Newborn Skin seal of approval. Pampers accepted the Smart Parenting challenge to test its Premium care diaper against four competing brands. The tests included speed of absorbency, ability to lock in wetness, breathability, and stretch length. For the Smart Parenting editorial team, however, the wow factor was how the diaper minimized the contact of runny poo on a baby's skin.  

The NEW Pampers Premium Care, Best in the World has an upgraded 5-star skin protection, thanks to its New Magic Gel Channels, New Absorb Away Liner and upgraded softness and breathability. Its improved topsheet quickly pulls away wetness from baby's skin, which helps prevent problems such as rashes. And its dual absorption layer keeps moisture safely locked in and away from your baby's skin, while the super absorbent polymers (SAP) allow every diaper to absorb more wettings at night.

With Pampers Premium Care on your side, you can rest assured that your beloved baby will get the restful sleep he deserves. Learn more here.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Pampers Premium Care.