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  • 4 Ways Gentle Softness Makes Co-sleeping Fun For Mommy And Baby

  • Co-sleeping is when parents keep the baby at a close distance while sleeping. Although there have been several debates about whether co-sleeping is ideal, there has been no scientific proof that it affects the child's sleeping habits, nor has it been proven that it is bad for the child's health.

    Co-sleeping can be very beneficial for both parent and child, if done correctly. If you have your child in the same room with you, it's easy to keep an eye on him and to make sure you are able to give him what he needs, when he needs it. It also prevents any nighttime danger and it brings you closer to your child. If you have tried co-sleeping with your little one, with very little success - gentle softness along with these other things may help.

    Invest on a good co-sleeper crib for baby.

    If you want to try co-sleeping with your little one, it is important to invest on a durable and reliable crib or baby bed that will enable you to keep your baby as close to you as possible. You can choose cribs with sides that can be lowered or bassinets that can be attached to the side of adult beds. 

    Make sure your bedroom is cozy and inviting.

    Decorating your room can be a fun activity for you and your little one. Choose designs that will not be too overwhelming for your child. You also need to make sure your room does not have anything than can potentially be a choking hazard. When it comes to the blankets and pillows, make sure they are washed using baby-friendly detergent and fabric conditioner like Downy Baby Gentle. Gentle softness will help you and your little one sleep soundly at night.

    Always check the temperature of the room.

    Make sure you regulate the temperature inside your bedroom before you sleep with your little one. The right warmth for you could be too hot for baby, and the right cold for you could be too cold for baby. Dress him in comfortable cotton clothing or wrap him in soft swaddling blanket to keep him cozy while he sleeps.

    Try not to leave your room smelling strongly of adult stuff.

    If you liked perfume very much before your baby came, you need to dial that down a bit. Now that you have him by your side, you need to air out that room and make sure no strong smells linger in the air. If you use fabric conditioner on your clothes and your linens, remember to choose products that have a mild and natural long-lasting scent like Downy Baby Gentle. You also need to choose products that have no dyes and is very gentle to your baby's sensitive skin.







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