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Pinay Moms Are in Love With These Baby Products on Instagram
  • Many new moms like me are guilty of random online shopping, a result of our stalking of Instagram stores whenever we have free time. When a new store or cute item for my baby pops up on my feed, I usually end up typing “hm” (that's "how much"), or I totally skip it and click-and-buy on the spot. Our purchases are not just cute stuff -- these are functional items for our babies. But the dads including my husband will beg to differ. Here are some Instagram items that new moms obsess over while dads are like, "huh?"   

    Mom's obsession: Creamhaus Playmat and Bumper Bed

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    What dads are likely to say: She’s just going to crawl on it. Why do we even need a special mat? 
    Why moms love it: It's an instant Instagram background for baby photos with its different colors or designs. But I love it because it can be used for a long time. I can use it to start training my baby to crawl and eventually convert it as a ball pit when she grows up. It is made from non-toxic materials and thick padding so it's safe for my baby. 

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    Mom's obsession: Leatherette milestone frame and numbers

    What dads are likely to say: It’s just numbers! Why do we need this? Can we just use cartolina? 
    Why moms love it: Dads, we are going to pretend you did not say cartolina. You can use these numbers to do a flat lay photograph when your baby celebrates his monthly milestones. Other moms love the leatherette numbers because it can be used as a prop during photo shoots. Once you’re done using all of the numbers, you can DIY your baby’s nursery and use it as a wall accent or design. 

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    Mom's obsession: Bickiepegs Doidy Cup

    What dads are likely to say: It looks weird. Does this really work? What’s the difference between it and a regular cup?
    Why moms love it: The cup's unique slanted design makes it different from all the other sippy cups available in the market, but it's that feature that makes it a favorite. The design makes it easy for babies to sip, and he will learn how to grip and handle cups properly. Moms who are weaning use it when their babies transition from the bottle. 

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    Mom's obsession: Books from Sunny Pages

    What dads are likely to say: We don't have to think about shipping fee or who will receive if it came from a physical bookstore. 
    Why moms love it: Aside from cute flat lay photos of their books, I love how this IG store makes my task of buying books easily. Each post has a short description, which includes a summary of the story and the age range recommended for the book. 

    Mom's obsession: Colors Tablet Box



    What dads say: Are those tea bags? It looks like a tea case. What is this?  
    Why moms love it: Tea bags? Ignore the dads. I love how this set of color tablet teaches your baby basic colors. Unlike the regular flashcards, this Montessori-inspired toy aims not to confuse the baby as it teaches different colors without associating the color at various items.

    What was your your recent online purchase? How was supportive was dad? :) Sound off in the comments below! 

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