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  • 5 New Ways to Protect Your Newborn From the Most Common Skin Irritants

    Skin irritants can get in the way of your baby’s skin development. Make sure you know how to protect your newborn!
  • Newborn skin is often sensitive so it needs extra care. Bumps, redness, rashes and flakes can suddenly appear, and sometimes it's hard to figure out what caused it in the first place. So it is important to minimize and prevent potential irritants. Keep your baby’s comfort level high by knowing the common irritants and how you can prevent them.

    1. Opt for gentle baby products

    We want to keep our baby smelling fresh all the time, but our choice of baby products, including the ones we use to wash their clothes, may cause their skin to get irritated. Choose laundry soap that is free of allergens, dye and fragrances. Everything that touches baby’s skin- clothes, beddings, blanket and even the caregiver’s clothes should be washed using mild products. Go easy with the use of baby wipes as fragrant wipes can cause your baby's skin to feel itchy.

    2. Keep bath time short and simple

    Bath time can be fun and soothing for the newborn but make sure to keep it as a five-minute routine. Suds can irritate baby’s skin and soap can cause dryness so choose a mild cleanser. You may apply moisturizer (make sure the doctor recommends it) immediately after bath just pat dry instead of rubbing to avoid excessive dryness.

    3. Let go of powder

    The baby's skin can develop a skin rash, especially when exposed to humid weather. Applying powder will not relieve his condition; it will only block baby’s pores. You also don't want your baby to inhale the fine grains of talcum powder or cornstarch that can cause breathing problems.

    4. Use sunscreen moderately

    According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, it is safe to use a small amount of sunscreen on babies. Apply it on areas such as the infant's face and the back of the hands, and those not covered by clothing as the little one is extra sensitive with chemicals active in sunscreens. But the safest protection against the sun is to avoid exposure especially for babies under 6 months.

    5. Find the perfect diaper for newborns

    Diaper rash can quickly develop from exposure to poo and pee for long periods of time. Choosing the right kind of diaper prevents irritation, infection, and even allergies that can make your little one fussy. The New Pampers Premium Care, Best in the World, features upgraded 5-star skin protection. It has a new Magic Gel Channels design that distributes wetness evenly,  so you don't get saggy diapers. The new Absorb Away Liner has a top sheet that absorbs runny mess and prevents the diaper from sticking to skin. The upgraded softness and breathability allows the micropores in its back sheet to evaporate wetness, keeping the baby’s skin dry. And lastly to create optimum protection, it also contains a layer of baby lotion for that extra protection your baby needs especially during nighttime. All these features found in the New Pampers Premium Care Diaper will ensure that you can protect your baby from the most common skin irritants! 

    Smart Parenting’s editorial team challenged Pampers Premium Care to test its diaper against four competing brands. The test included speed of absorbency and rewet, breathability, and stretch test. The Smart Parenting team gave five stars to Pampers for its ability to absorb runny poo, minimizing its contact with a baby’s skin. Overall, Pampers Premium Care passed the challenge against other competing brands to earn Smart's Parenting's seal of approval for "Best for Newborn Skin." Learn more about Pampers Premium Care here.

    What other ways can you protect your child from common irritants? Share your tips here. And if your kids are having trouble sleeping because of common skin irritants, here's what you can do! Check out the video below!











This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Pampers Premium Care.