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Deal With Messy Diaper Emergencies With These 5 Smart Hacks!
  • You know the diaper emergencies we’re talking about. One moment you’re happily driving along with your baby in his car seat or standing in line at the grocery store, and the next thing you know he's got poop leaking out of his diapers — and it’s everywhere! At times like this, the prepared mom is a smart mom. Here are a few diaper hacks you need to know now: 

    1.  Have resealable bags at the ready
    The explosion has happened, and your baby’s clothes are covered in poop. You have to put them somewhere before you can make it back home. Prepare for accidents like with resealable plastic bags, according to mom and author Gemma Hartley. It will keep the stink at bay and won’t transfer poop to the other items in your diaper bag. They will also make clean-up easier if there are no trash bins nearby. Chuck the soiled diaper and baby wipes in bags, seal, and deal with later.   

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    2. Stash extra clothes for baby and you in the car's trunk
    Whether you already have a spare onesie in the diaper bag or not, consider stashing extra clothes in your car, including ones for you. Diaper blowouts can get everywhere, including on your clothes. Plus, a change of clothes is handy for a variety of emergencies, not just poop-related ones. Vomit and didn’t-screw-the-bottle-enough are great examples. 

    3. Always have an extra pack of baby wipes
    Diaper blowout in the car? “The answer is baby wipes,” said cleaning expert and author Jolie Kerr in a column for Offspring. “They’re gentle enough for tender human hides, which means that they’re also going to be fine to use on leather.” You can also use wipes on fabric and plastic interiors of the car, she added. 

    If the poop has stained the seats, a container of leather cleaner and conditioner at the hardware store is what you need. “A bottle of the stuff will last a good long time, and can be used on shoes, belts, leather jackets, etc., in addition to your car’s interior,” said Kerr. 

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    4. You’ll need paper towels for watery messes
    Aside from baby wipes, keep a paper towel roll in the car. For handling watery messes (whether pee, poop or vomit), they’re best to use first before wipes, said Kerr. They’ll be able to suck up the liquid and pick up the chunks before you start really cleaning with the baby wipes. 

    5. Get a pack of disposable changing pads

    Some parents aren’t fans of rubber changing pads when on-the-go. They can be too cumbersome to bring along, they never fold quite right, and it can be gross to stuff them back in the bag after a diaper change. Here’s where disposable changing pads (try Sanicare Baby Underpads) come in. They’re compact, light, and you can throw them away after use. You'll be able to find them in groceries and supermarkets.

    Mom Sarah Bunton, who writes for Romper, found another great use for them, too. Her little one’s blowouts used to happen a lot in the car so she DIYed a cover for his car seat. “Using wax paper, I traced out the shape of his seat and where the buckles were. Then, using my template, I cut a generic disposable changing pad to fit perfectly in his seat. It's cheap, easy, and a whole lot easier than pulling the entire seat out of the car to clean it.”

    Do you have a memorable diaper blowout? Send them to us via Facebook Messenger!

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