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  • 5 Tips for Comforting a Fussy Baby

    Are you having a hard time calming your baby down, even if you’ve tried everything? Fear not the fussy baby, as we share with you some helpful tips to comfort him.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • Do you have a fussy baby? Does he constantly cry and show signs of frustration or anxiety? It may be a seemingly insurmountable feat for most moms, but fret not; there are ways to help calm him down.

    Being able to understand what exactly bothers him or what he wants is the key to dealing with a fussy baby.  What’s also important is for him to develop the skill of self-soothing.

    crying babyIt may seem like the right thing to do to immediately cater to his needs whenever he cries, but it’s actually better to learn when to step back and let baby deal with his own discomfort or unease.

    Don’t be stressed out the minute he starts crying; wait and observe if he would calm down after a few minutes. If the crying persists or gets louder or more intense, try something to distract him like handing him a toy or singing him a song, and see if this helps stop the crying. By doing this, you’re communicating that there are ways by which he can appease his anxiety. Just keep him near you all the time so you can always check up on him.

    Gradually increase the time that you take before checking up on him or distracting him so he learns, little by little, to attend to his own fussiness.

    Remember to be consistent so you teach your child the value of self-comforting. What’s beautiful about teaching your child to self-soothe is that you also get to discover more about his personality, what upsets him and what brings him joy. Whether it’s music, reading him a story, letting him hear a particular sound, the sight of his own reflection or simply the sound of your voice, develop your personal mommy technique to calm baby down and to bond with him.

    Here are some suggestions from users at the Smart Parenting forums:

    •    “Sing nursery and Bible kiddie songs, watch Brainy Baby or Baby Einstein, [give him a] shower at a mini tub, give him a massage, sing a lullaby” – kidsrepublik
    •    “Talk to him” – insensitive
    •    “I dance to him and he starts laughing” – mamacharis

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