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  • 6 Baby Sleep Safety Guidelines

    How to keep baby safe when she moves out of your room.
    by Ceia Ylagan .
  • While it is common among Filipino parents to have their baby sleep on the bed with them, or have the crib in the same bedroom, your baby will need a place to sleep in on her own as she gets older. Keeping your baby safe and sound in her own room need not be rocket science.

    Safe-baby guidelines every parent should remember:

       - Keep all plastic bags and cords tucked away to prevent your curious tykes from discovering them and accidentally getting suffocated.
       - Put baby to sleep on her back to avoid sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.
       - Never leave your baby or toddler unattended. For inquisitive toddlers, exploring everything and anything is the order of the day.
       - Cover all unused sockets with socket guards. These are fairly cheap plastic covers that are used to protect prying little fingers.
       - Check all electrical wires for damage or repair needs. Use a cord shortener or spool to keep the cord in place and away from your child.
       - Keep your baby 's room free from substances that may be accidentally ingested and cause poisoning such as medicines, cleaning agents, powders, etc.

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