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  • 6 Simple Tips For Washing Your Baby’s Clothes

    Here's how you clean your baby's onesies without putting him at risk.
  • Washing your little one's cute little booties and onesies sound simple enough – but there are a few things you need to consider, like the sensitivity of your child's skin, the type of clothes he wears and his daily activities.

    Here are a couple of tips that may help you when you're washing your baby's clothes.

    Be familiar with your child's skin

    It's important that you know how sensitive your baby's skin is. Don't compromise your little one's safety over the cost of the products you're choosing. Make sure you get laundry detergents made from ingredients that are kind to the skin - not only your baby's but yours too!

    Wipe potential stains off immediately

    It can be difficult to remove stains like breast milk, formula, spit-up and baby poo off of your child's clothes once they dry up, so it's best to wipe or rinse off the substance as much as you can while it's still fresh. Once you've successfully remove the substance, soak your baby's clothes immediately. You also need to make sure you use baby-safe stain remover while washing.

    Sort out your baby's clothes

    Sorting your little one's clothes is important to prevent any dye transfer, shrinking clothes and lint accumulation. Make sure you sort your kid's clothes according to color, fabric and degree of soil. Separate whites and pastels from bright colors and dark colors. You also need to separate delicate and lightweight fabrics from heavier ones. Same goes with heavily soiled clothes – which need to be washed separately from lightly soiled ones.

    Choose the right laundry detergent

    As long as your baby's skin doesn't have an adverse reaction to the products you're using, then it's okay. Remember to be aware of the ingredients in the product. When it comes to choosing between liquid and powder laundry detergent – it boils down to your personal preference, since both of them provides the same cleaning power. 

    Consider using fabric softener

    It's a common misconception that fabric softeners are harmful for your little one and are completely unnecessary. Fabric softeners offer that extra boost of softness that may help your little one feel more comfortable in his clothes and beddings. Just like laundry detergents, it's important to be aware of the active chemicals in the fabric conditioner you choose.

    There are products out in the market like Downy Baby Gentle that are made specifically for your baby's skin. It comes with a mild scent and it is dermatologically tested and proven safe and gentle for your little one's skin. It offers that extra gentle softness your baby needs.

    Shake out your baby's clothes before drying

    Make sure you give your kid's clothes a good shaking our before throwing them in the dryer. If they are all bunched up, it will take more time to dry them out. You also have to make sure you have successfully removed the stains before drying because heat can permanently set stains. Make sure you clean the lint filter in your dryer for maximum drying efficiency. Overdrying can also cause your child's clothes to shrink and wrinkle, so make sure you set the timer right.

    Now that you know the simple dos and don't for washing your baby's clothes, it wouldn't be so daunting anymore the next time you have to do it. Just make sure you use all the right tools. You also need to be aware of your child's clothes and skin so you know exactly which detergent to use, how long to wash and dry them for.






This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Downy Baby Gentle.