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  • 9 Unique Baby Boy Names That Honor the Beauty of the Filipino Language

    Give your child the gift of a name that honors the splendor of his Filipino heritage.
    by Stephanie Gonzaga .
9 Unique Baby Boy Names That Honor the Beauty of the Filipino Language
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  • Choosing a name for your baby boy is like bestowing upon him the gift of a certain value or character. Whether it be biblical in nature, named after a favorite celebrity, or a combination of grandparents’ names, every name becomes special because of the inspiration and stories behind it.

    It's time to honor the beauty of our Filipino language and the unique character it can lend to your child’s name. Here are 9 Filipino names to consider for your baby boy.

    1. Alab
    A flame or to blaze, to light up, this name connotes a sense of inner strength, courage, power and fierceness. 

    2. Amihan
    It’s a word we seem to only hear from TV weather forecasts. “Amihan” literally refers to the season in the Philippines when a northeast wind blows over. It’s what we know as the cold Christmas breeze.

    Amihan is also a bird in Philippine mythology, the first creature to accompany the first gods, Bathala and Aman Sinaya (yet more names you can consider). It rescued Malakas and Maganda, the fist man and woman, who were trapped in bamboo.

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    3. Bughaw
    “Bughaw” translates to “blue” in English. It can be inspired by the cerulean skies or seas.

    4. Dakila
    Using this name instantly commands majesty, as it means “great.” It connotes an air of strength, power, and wisdom.  

    5. Habagat
    It is the other seasonal wind in the Philippines, which brings in strong rains. While it may remind people of floods and calamities, “Habagat” has a certain strength, authority, and splendor to it.

    6. Lakas
    A very masculine name,  which means “strength.” Your child’s name will resonate with a sense of power and authority.

    7. Malaya
    Nothing quite as appropriate for Philippine Independence Day than this name, especially if he or she was born on the holiday. It automatically gives off a sense of Filipino pride.

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    8. Sibol
    Literally it translates to “to grow” or “to sprout,” usually in reference to plants. Having this name could convey a sense of inner potential.

    Children’s names are often also an extension of their parents’ strongly-held beliefs and principles, as with the case of dad Pao Antonio, who named their kids Sibol and Alab

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    “My wife Anna and I are people power advocates and we believe in transformation,” he shares. “There was a time when Anna taught the Sibol teachers of Gawad Kalinga to run their educational program. We used the word ‘Sibol’ for something good, like the dawn, sprout of a good harvest, hope. We chose ‘Alab’ because it means passion and flame; we cannot extinguish a flame.”

    “Similar to our faith in the Holy Spirit, we can feel bad at times, struck down and damaged, yet we fight until our last breath,” Pao adds. “Both boys have Christian names, too. Their full names are Sibol Miguel and Samuel Alab. ‘Sibol’ and ‘Alab’ add character. It also empowers them.”

    9. Takipsilim
    This is what we call that specific period when the sun has started to set and darkness gathers in the sky. You could say it means dusk or sunset. Many of the most beautiful names are after beautiful occurences in nature.


    Which ones resonated with you the most? Know anyone with a beautiful Filipino name? Share them with us.

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